Spooky happenings from Myoblox with its new limited edition RedRum series

The popular supplement brand Myoblox has released it's newest spooky Halloween range RedRum series. There has been weeks and weeks of speculation with dribs and drabs of information being released. And we've finally got our hands on the full details of the limited edition range.

Myoblox has released three new limited editions products of their current Myoblox range. These include Evil Genius SkyWalk, Zombie Blood illa & Werewolf Blood Loco. All of these product's feature different sets of ingredients compared to the originals.

Evil Genius Skywalk

Evil Genius Skywalk is the Nootropic supplement of the range featuring the increased energy levels without the added crash. It still has its epic dosage of 3g of tyrosine to ensure mental performance and improving alertness and 800mg of alpha-GPC Although the added ingredients include 1.5g of MCT and a focus blend of velvet bean to ensure the delivery of important hormones to the centre of the nervous system.

Zombie Blood illa

Zombie Blood is the new and improved amino formula ensuring the highest quality of recovery and the replenishment of specific nutrients to ensure muscle gains whilst recovering. It still features its original 650mg blend for hydration and 50mg of Astragin of absorption. Although Myoblox has swapped its original 7.5g of BCAAs to 7.5g of EAAA's per serving to help aid muscle recovery.

Werewolf Blood Loco

The final product is Werewolf Blood Loco. This is the pre-workout of the range which promises to boost your workout performance with increased energy, pumps and strength. Unlike the original Myoblox Loco blend they have removed glycerol and beta-alanine, replacing it with 6g of Taurine and 6g of citrulline ensuring support of cognitive functions. They have also added an energy blend including choline bitartrate boosting cognitive boosting properties. 

Myoblox has yet to release it yet – but keep an eye out on our socials for when it's released!

Want to find out more? Visit the Myoblox page to view the entire range on our website.