MyoBlox Redrum Series Skywalk 244g

MyoBlox Redrum Series Skywalk 244g

MyoBlox Redrum Series Skywalk 244g

  • Highly dosed
  • Smooth energy / No crash
  • Increase euphoric mood
  • Added stimulants for energy
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What is MyoBlox Redrum Series?

Myoblox has released three new limited editions products of their current Myoblox range. These include Evil Genius SkyWalk, Zombie Blood illa & Werewolf Blood Loco. All of these product's feature different more potent sets of ingredients compared to the originals.

What is MyoBlox Skywalk?

Skywalk is at ultra-premium focus powder on the market containing nine highly novel compounds each dosed in their most effective amounts to serve as the lifeblood of mental drive for the individual constantly on the grind. This formula works on many different aspects towards brain optimization, such as the synthesis of powerful neurotransmitters, neuro-protectant properties, which in turn fight against mental degeneration, and increase the efficiency of communications between the brain cells.

What is in Redrum Series Skywalk that makes it so good?

The added doses for MyoBlox Redrum Series Skywalk is where things start to get quite interesting.

Evil Genius Skywalk still promises a solid nootropic experience with laser focus and increased energy without a crash. As for its list of ingredients, it packs 3g of tyrosine and 800mg of alpha-GPC, just like the regular Skywalk. Where the changes come in is that Evil Genius has an added 1.5g of MCTs, and a heavier energy and focus blend that includes velvet bean, eria jarensis, and hordenine.

What are the key benefits of Evil Genius Skywalk

Evil Genius Skywalk gives you everything you could want from a focus enhancing nootropic supplement.

  • Highly dosed
  • Smooth energy / No Crash
  • Increase euphoric mood
  • Added stimulants for energy
  • Support focus & memory

MyoBlox Redrum Series Skywalk Evil Genius nutritional information

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (6.8g)
Servings Per Container: 36

B6 5mg
B12 250mg
L-tyrosine 1500mg
Medium Chain Triglycerides 750mg
Alpha-GPC 400mg

Plot & Scheme Matrix 615mg
Realcaf, velvet bean seed extract, theanine, N-Phenylethyl Dimethylamine, halostachine HCI, N-Methyl- tyramine, noopept

Piperine Aalkaloids 5mg

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Not as good a product as the original, skywalk. The larger amount per tub is nullified by the scoop amount being near doubled. Stick to the original skywalk.

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