More Options To Stack Project AD Nitr-OX Due To New Unflavoured Version

Fans of Project AD that like to stack their supplements have just had things made a little easier for them when it comes to mixing products before your workout. Previously the brand’s loaded pump formula Nitr-OX was only available in two tastes with Citrus Berry and Cola.

Anabolic Designs has now launched Nitr-OX in an Unflavored option to make it more convenient to mix with other flavoured supplements. 

Clinically researched ingredients

Nitr-Ox contains citrulline malate an active precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO) which is responsible for generating muscle pumps this is combined with HydroMax®, a highly stable form of glycerine, which causes hyper-hydration, pulling water into the muscles driving nutrients where they need to be.

This products not only contains NO boosting and Hyper-hydrating ingredients but with the clever addition of the amino acids L-Taurine, for increased blood flow and L-Norvaline, which inhibits NO reducing enzymes, allows you to not only get a great pump but keep it throughout your session and beyond! This really is the ultimate formulation for generating long-lasting muscle splitting pumps in every session.

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