Project AD NITR-OX 374g

Project AD NITR-OX 374g

Project AD NITR-OX 374g

  • Clinically researched ingredients.
  • Increases blood flow
  • Hydrates muscles and encourages NO production
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One of the best muscle pump products on the market

AD’s latest product to hit the shelves is an incredible new product containing some of the most potent, clinically researched ‘pump’ ingredients. A brand always associated with providing quality ingredients and innovative formulations, Nito-Ox is no exception. Nitr-Ox contains citrulline malate an active precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO) which is responsible for generating muscle pumps this is combined with HydroMax®, a highly stable form of glycerine, which causes hyper-hydration, pulling water into the muscles driving nutrients where they need to be.

Clinically researched ingredients

This welcome addition to the AD Elite Series range of awesome products not only contains NO boosting and Hyper-hydrating  ingredients but with the clever addition of the amino acids L-Taurine, for increased blood flow and L-Norvaline, which inhibits NO reducing enzymes, allows you to not only get a great pump, but keep it throughout your session and beyond! This really is the ultimate formulation for generating long-lasting muscle splitting pumps in every session.
Clinically researched ingredients.

What are the benefits of Project AD's NITR-OX?

  • Increases blood flow, hydrates muscles and encourages NO production.
  • Supports nutrient delivery, recovery and growth.
  • Simply take one serving before training for next level pumps
  • Use of high quality trademarked ingredients

Project AD Nitr-Ox nutritional information

Typical ValuesPer 15.5g
Chloride (as sodium)185mg
Sodium (as chloride)120mg
Potassium (as phosphate and aspartate)276mg
Citrulline Malate12,200mg
HydroMax(65% glycerol) powder5,000mg
AstraGIN (from Proprietary Blend Astragalus  membranaceus Root and Panax notoginseng  Root)50mg

Read CSN's evidence-based and in-depth review of Project AD Nitr-Ox

Project AD Nitr-ox is a stimulant free pre-workout designed to increase blood flow to the muscles and encourage cellular hydration. This increase in blood flow, combined with a fully hydrated muscle, not only generates insane muscle pumps but can also influence performance alongside driving nutrients into the muscle, which may help support recovery and muscle growth.


AD Nitr-ox contains only selected ingredients that have been demonstrated to be effective in a research setting at increasing performance, cellular hydration and creating and sustaining Nitric Oxide (NO) levels, which are a key driver in developing muscle pump.


Claims and benefits made by Project AD about Nitr-ox.

Project AD claim that Nitr-ox will give you ‘skin tearing pumps’ and that by consistently delivering these pumps, this will support the process of delivering nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, which will translate to increased levels of muscle growth.


Nitr-ox is so effective at increasing pump, that even when dieting, when a person can become ‘flat’ and struggle to get pumps Nitr-ox can deliver, helping to keep a fuller, better functioning muscle so helping to sustain performance in the gym.


Nitro-ox is a no-frills supplement in the sense that it doesn’t sacrifice amounts of effective ingredients to include ones that may be lacking in research. So you know that you are getting a product that not only contains a list of effective ingredients, but these ingredients are in tried and tested doses that will work each and every time you use it.


Project AD Nitr-ox ingredients

Nitr-ox contains four main ingredients, however, it is not the ingredients as such that makes Nitr-ox stand out, it is the amounts that are present compared to many other pump products that make it so effective.


First up is Citrulline Malate, which is a highly bioavailable form of the amino acid L-Citrulline. Citrulline, after we have ingested it, is converted in the kidneys into another amino acid L-Arginine, which is actually more efficient than taking L-Arginine directly. L-Arginine is the direct precursor to producing NO, which is what creates increased blood flow, vasodilation and muscle pump.


As it increases blood flow, citrulline is also used to boost sports performance and as a supplement for heart health. Citrulline has been shown to demonstrate improvements in both endurance and anaerobic exercise, making it ideal not only for the pump but also performance. From the scientific literature doses of around 6000mg of citrulline malate are shown to give these performances boosting benefits, and this is exactly the amount that you find in Nitr-ox!


Next up is Hydromax™ glycerol powder. This effective form of glycerol helps to pull water inside the muscles thus increasing cellular hydration, which helps do two main things. Firstly, increased water uptake into cells causes increased cellular volume, which means a bigger, fuller muscle. Secondly, it improves cellular hydration status, which can improve performance in the gym.


Nitr-ox also, very importantly, contains L-Norvaline. Norvaline is important for sustaining muscle pump, as under normal circumstances our bodies reduce NO levels fairly quickly. Norvaline inhibits the enzyme arginase, which reduces NO levels in the body. This means that using Nitr-ox not only increases the amount of NO we produce, but it means that these levels can be sustained for longer, creating long lasting muscle pumps where other pump products might fade.


Finally, Nitr-ox contains 1000mg of the amino acid L-taurine, which helps in maintaining electrolyte and fluid balance in the muscle. This 1000mg dose is in line with studies that have investigated sustained performance in the gym and to help promote better fluid balance in the muscles.


CSN's recommended dosage of Project AD Nitr-ox

One scoop taken before training provides 6000mg of citrulline. It is suggested that to get the full benefits of citrulline malate that it should be taken around one hour before training. As it is not stimulant based, then it can be taken at any time so is useful for evening training sessions when taking stimulants that may disturb sleep is not an option.


Can it be stacked with any other sports supplements?

Nitr-ox can be combined with any number of supplements to help boost performance in the gym, boost recovery and muscle growth. For an extra boost of energy, you can combine this with one of our stimulant based pre-workouts, for performance and muscle growth try stacking Nitro-ox with one of our range of creatines.


To really ensure the muscles are ‘well-fed’, then we can add in carbohydrate powders (Vitargo, CSN’s highly branched cyclic dextrin) in our intra and/or post-workout shake. These combined with an essential amino acid (EAA) supplement, or a quality whey protein, will provide the raw material and energy we need to help support recovery and muscle growth.


Summary of Project AD's Nitr-ox

Nitro-ox is a well thought out pre-workout that is specially designed to create and sustain muscle pump. This helps to drive essential nutrients to the muscles, boost performance and support recovery and muscle growth. Nitro-ox’s beauty is in its simplicity; using only a focused amount of key, effective ingredients, which are dosed at levels that are shown to be of benefit to the athlete. There’s certainly no added ‘fluff’ in this product, which in some products can result in lower doses of the ingredients we know are effective, and add unwanted, unnecessary cost, for no major benefit.

Rated 5/5 based on 4 Customer Reviews


Awesome product. Have used twice and as advertised you get a great pump and its stimulant free. Trained at 8pm and still slept like a baby which is rare.

Rated 5/5 based on 4 Customer Reviews


Brilliant NO production. My number one supplement

Rated 5/5 based on 4 Customer Reviews


Haven't had a pump like this before can't recommend this highly enough.

Rated 5/5 based on 4 Customer Reviews


Unbelievable product, an absolutely ridiculous pump in both arms and calfs today. Can't recommend highly enough.

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