@AskKort Shares His Personal Experience of MVPre 2.0

Now I need to kinda brief you a little to allow you to read this blog from my perspective,

As always I am going to completely honest InnovaPharm MVPre has been around a good year or so now, and I never heard a bad review, or even an 'ok' review, it was all amazing feedback... Check out the reviews on the CSN product page.

But looking at the formula I was not blown away. Yes it was a decent formula, one I have come to appreciate more and more over time but the efficacy …....... is unreal.

I tried this pre-workout with high expectations, very high, and it blew them away
and it was not like a Chemix style stim, increased heart rate, jittery, come down. See here for a full breakdown of MVPre's ingredients.

This... this is special, imagine opening your eyes as far as you can, and keeping them there for couple hours, computing the billions of bits of information entering your brain through the gateway of which are your eyes.

It felt like my brain and my eyes weren't in the same dimension, my brain had elevated up and away, at one point... I was staring at a man doing some lat pulldowns, but I was not there, I was off computing information and doing maths somewhere but my eyes were looking at him.

He noticed me, but I didn't notice. Not blinking I continued to stare, then I entered the awkward stage where my brain came back into this dimension and noticed I was staring directly at him while he was staring directly at me with a puzzled look on his face.

Its that type of stimulant.

My rate of the perceived excursion was at zero, nothing was painful, nothing was heavy.

Have you ever had a pre-workout where, your brain hasn't even begun but you have trained that hard your muscles are exhausted, there's nothing left, you have worked to your max potential and more but your brain does not understand why you're leaving the gym?

And for the comedown, I didn't really have one, my appetite certainly was not decreased.

Yes, I was a little tired but to the same extent as I should have been for the intensity I trained at.

There was no anxiety or excess tiredness, I was still able to go do what I needed to do and see who I needed to see.

It is in the top 3 pre-workouts I have ever used for sure! (and I have used hundreds).

Could easily place number 1, I just have 3 pre-workouts hovering all in the same spot, two of which are now not available and discontinued so it is the best stim pre I have used which is available on the market today.

Check out a full ingredient breakdown or view the product page.