@AskKort Reviews MVPre 2.0

So I have done my previous blog on my experience with MVPre 2.0, on this one I want to give you a little run down as to what and why certain ingredients are included in this powerful pre-workout.

Citrulline Malate 2:1 8g

This is going to yield around 5280g citrulline, more than the normal citrulline malate which would have only given us 4g.

Citrullines role is a pump, it is the precursor to arginine, (it actually raises levels of arginine better than arginine consumption). It then gets heavily metabolised but what is left is converted to nitric oxide via eNOS.

This is going to increase blood flow, giving us that the sought after pump.

Beta-alanine 3.2g

Many claim this to be the 'clinical' dose, which originated from a study that used 6.4g, but anyway without the potential splitting of hairs, most studies seem to point towards beta-alanine working best at a saturation point, of which is around 179g.

Beta-alanine has shown to increase carnosine levels by 64% after 4 weeks and up to 80% after 10 weeks, which leads to increased work threshold, time to exhaustion and the ability to buffer lactic acid better.

Glycerpump 2g

GlycerPump is a treated form of Glycerol to prevent clumping but yields 65% Glycerol which is great, Glycerol is a potent osmolyte, it helps retain water in cells and create a hyperhydrated state which we know is super super important to performance, the pumps off Glycerpump are CRAZY, big huge round full pumps. 

CSN actually have a stand-alone GlycerPump product that will boost any of your current pre-workouts. 

S7 50mg

This Ingredient is causing a little stir between people in the industry but that is for another blog.

This is a blend of 7 ingredients which has shown in a human study to increase nitric oxide by 230% through its antioxidant potential

Nitric oxide can be damaged by free radicals so boosting antioxidant capacity can lead to increase nitric oxide, the fine line of antioxidant around the training perimeter is for another day though.

Now we get into the nootropic/energy stims.

Choline bitartrate 1000mg

The fundamental building block for the neuro transmitter acetylcholine, which is associated with learning, focus and memory. Acetylcholine is vital for life so I am never sad to see anything with the potential to boost it.

N-Acetyl Tyrosine 500mg

Tyrosine is the precursor to L-Dopa which gets synthesised into dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in its own right, but then can synthesise into norepinephrine and then subsequently epinephrine, which is the triad of catecholamines that will make you feel fantastic, energetic, great sense of motivation and a sense of wellbeing.

Caffeine 350mg

350mg will get virtually anyone lit up, primarily mechanism is blocking adenosine receptors, but the other actions are fantastic, influencing acetylcholine, potentiating dopamine, sensitising serotonin receptors, increase GABA receptor density are all potentials caffeine carries.

N-Phenylethyl Dimethylamine 100mg

This is a form of PEA that last a little longer, PEA is a fantastic ingredient, it does naturally occur but supplementing with PEA is one of my favourite things to do.

I am writing this right now having consumed some PEA about 30 minutes ago, it works with TAAR receptors in the brain which enhances the release of dopamine and serotonin and stops the reuptake.

This action makes you feel fantastic, actually, something which is a note worth talking about is that MDMA is actually a form of PEA, but whereas MDMA just opens the flood gates on these neurotransmitters, PEA works little differently. It does not just release them in an unstructured pattern, in fact, the pattern of release is not changed, it just enhances the amount released when you are releasing them.

It's like turning up the volume in your brain.

Huperzine A150mcg

Many of you will have seen this in virtually any nootropic and in many many pre-workouts, this is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, so this will help increase levels of acetylcholine by inhibiting its breakdown, which as you can see, is great for anyone wanting to increase levels of acetylcholine.

BioPhytum extract 150mg

The big daddy, this extract is the 'Rolling Stones' of the formula, 'The Dr. Dre', The 'Tony Stark'.

This is going to provide us with the monoamine releasing agent to increase energy and sustain it while we train, this is the ingredient that made me stare into that mans eyes for an unacceptable amount of time (see my experience of MVPre blog)

So that is MVPre broken-down! Check out the best selling pre-workout today

If you ever have any questions then do let us know