@AskKort Reviews Strom Sports Nutrition CreaMAX

A very simplistic yet wonderful formula coming from the owner and formulator Richard Foster at Strom and that's why CSN like it. Two things stand out straight away from this as to why people will love it.

1) It works, there is no doubt in creatines efficacy, over 100 years of proof
2) It is cost efficient also 

So let us delve into the formula... 

  • 5g Creapure Creatine monohydrate 
  • 50mg Actigin 

With Creatine, if you lift weights and wish to perform better (which I assume you do because you are spending the time in the gym) then creatine will benefit you.

The lower end of creatine use is at 3g's but to get the optimal results you should supplement with around 5g's which is what you get in Strom Sports Nutrition's CreaMAX.

But why CreaPure??

CreaPure is listed on Cologne list which means it's tested a lot at the Olympiastutzpunkt Rheinland Laboratory for contamination from steroids or stimulants.

From CreaPure themselves they promote that the manufacturing or storage of creatine may* produce 'Creatinine' which although is not dangerous in low amounts, is not the same as creatine and offers no performance benefits.

And levels above 1% of the breakdown into creatinine have been recorded in some commercial creatine samples in randomly purchased creatine products from supplement companies.

So with CreaPure you are getting the reassurance that quality is at the maximum. (maybe the CreaMAXimum …........? sorry bad joke hah)

So what are the benefits?

So with the quality out the way, the main thing you'll see from creatine (along with pumps) is an increased production of ATP, in simple terms, our cellular energy source or our molecular unit of currency. When we use ATP during exercise it can turn into ADP, so it loses a phosphate bond which no longer possesses the benefits of what we want from ATP,

Creatine donates a phosphate bond to ADP to regenerate ATP for our workouts, which promotes a whole host of things! Including power output, strength and performance, a fundamental in anyone's supplement stack who trains with weights.


Now, ActiGin. (not to be confused with AstraGin but they are from the same company Nulive Science).

But they do possess very different benefits.

ActiGin has been validated in one vivo study and five human clinical trials. With ActiGin we see an

  • Increase of time to exhaustion when working at 80% capacity by 20%. 
  • It has the potential to increase the speed of which ATP can be produced by increasing citrate synthase by up to 42%
  • A decrease in inflammation markers which in itself can help in a multitude of ways. 

In one pre-clinical trial, they recorded an increase of glycogen replenishment by up to 370% which is super cool and the reason it is being used in some Glucose Disposal Agents.

So as you can see, a very promising and upcoming ingredient which CSN suspect we will be seeing more of in the coming weeks, months and years, but as always I wish to see more and more studies done to validate its efficacy further.

Let us look at the servings and price 

90 servings = 3 months use for £32 
£10.66 per month 
£2.66 per week
38p per day 

Now if you can find 5g's of patented Creatine plus a patent ingredient like ActiGin for less than 38 pence per day, I shall shave the last few remaining hairs on my head!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this short description as to what CreaMax is about. If you have any more questions then head over to CSN's Instagram or Facebook or check out @AskKort.

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