Optimum Nutrition Glyco-Maize 2kg

Optimum Nutrition Glyco-Maize 2kg

Optimum Nutrition Glyco-Maize 2kg

  • Optimal delivery of immediate & intermediate carbohydrates
  • 35 g of staged-release carbs to enhance your pre & post-workout shakes
  • Can be combined with a protein shake to ehance recovery
  • V
  • L
    Lactose Free
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    Soya Free
  • D
    Dairy Free
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One of the best quality carbohydrates available

Protein has been somewhat of a buzzword in the fitness industry for many years. Everyone is talking about how important protein is for your training and how much you need to build muscle, lose fat, the list goes on.

Another macro nutrient that is used as a buzzword but that has been brandished as a “bad” one is carbohydrates. A lot of people have been misinformed by this as carbohydrates are essential to refuel your body, give your muscle energy and get you through your workout.

Carbohydrates are very much like proteins in the sense that there are different forms and some are better than others.

Waxy Maize Starches - Great for energy

Waxy Maize Starches are very much like the whey protein of the carb world. They are simply one of the best quality carbohydrates that you can get. These highly-branched head, long-chain, and very dense complex carbohydrates are rapidly absorbed into the muscle to fuel them.

Optimum Nutrition's Glyco-Maize contains a big 50 servings per container. Each serving is made up of 140 calories and has 35 g of carbohydrates. This product also has Carbogen enzymes which are designed to enhance absorption and distribution without bloating or cramping.

What are the main benefits of Optimum Nutrition Glyco-Maize

•    Contains waxy maize starches
•    A big 50 servings per container
•    Contains 35g of carbs per serving
•    Has carbogen enzymes designed to enhance distribution and reduce side effects

Optimum Nutrition Glyco-Maize nutritional information

Serving Size: 40g
Servings per container: 50

Amount per serving:

Calories    142
Total fat    0.1g
Sat fat        0g
Total Carb    35.2g
Fiber        0g
Sugars        3g

Optimum Nutrition Glyco-Maize Ingredients

Waxy Maize Starch, Trehalose, Enzyme Complex (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Beta-D-Galactosidase, Lipase)

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