Whey to go! Optimum Nutrition launch new protein snack with Protein Ridges

Optimum Nutrition have launched a new and convenient way to help hit your daily protein goal without breaking the bank. This baked not fried high protein chip style snack will be launching in five super tasty flavours including BBQ, Cheese, Honey Siracha, Salt & Vinegar & Sour Cream. Also, these are Gluten Free perfect for anyone who follows a gluten-free diet.

Nutritional profile

Each bag contains 15g of protein, 15g of Carbohydrates, 2g of Sugar, 5g of Fat which will set you back 170 calories in your macros. Perfect for an on the go snack to curb your hunger and still keep in with your daily macros. 

The ridges gain their protein from added whey concentrate and brown rice flour packing in 15g of Protein per bag. 

We're not sure when these will be launched as of yet, but as always CSN will keep you in the loop. As soon as we know, we will be shouting about it on our socials!

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