What Are Glucose Disposal Agents?

Glucose Disposal Agents 

Glucose Disposal Agents are becoming very popular within the fitness industry in recent times and for good reason! GDA's have been around for a number of years however it is only recently that people seem to have got to grips with the function of a GDA and the many benefits it has for people with high carbohydrate diets.

A GDA's primary function is to decrease the amount of insulin secreted by the body when consuming carbohydrate-rich meals. They in a way act as insulin and shuttle glucose into muscle cells and therefore less insulin is needed to be released by the body. 

Although insulin is very beneficial for carrying glucose to muscle cells, on the downside it is also responsible for moving glucose into fat cells. Hence why insulin is often given such a bad name. 

By decreasing the amount of insulin secreted by the body, it will in turn help optimize insulin receptors and aid in decreasing fat gains. The Glucose Disposal Agent can then be responsible for shuttling glucose into muscle and stay away from fat cells. Thus leading to decreased fat gain and increased lean muscle gain. 

A good quality GDA will allow you to eat more carbs to help promote lean muscle gain and aid performance and limit the amount of these carbs being eventually stored as body fat.

Not only will glucose disposal agent supplements limit fat gain but they are also brilliant to use to ensure carbs are used efficiently used by the body. By taking A glucose disposal agent with your pre-workout meal it will enhance the uptake of these carbs into glycogen within the muscle which then can be used as fuel when training. Glycogen full muscles when training will lead to greater muscle connection and longer pumps when training. 

R-Alpha-Lipoic is a key ingredient of glucose disposal agents. Its key function is to enhance energy metabolism and improve insulin release by decreasing blood glucose levels and ensuring better uptake of carbs. Berberine and Cinnamon bark are 2 ingredients found in many GDA's and they are both primarily;y used to regulate glucose uptake and create a better blood glucose profile which creates a better environment for the body to uptake carbs effectively into muscle cells. Lower blood sugars mean less insulin being secreted and therefore less chance of glucose being converted in adipose tissue. 

All Glucose Disposal Agent supplements are best taken 15-20 minutes before any large carbohydrate meal. We recommend supplementing a GDA with any carb-rich meal over 50g carbs and an extra capsule with any meal exceeding 100g carbs like in a post-workout meal or the occasional cheat meal. 

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