Two new flavors announced for 5% Nutrition’s Real Carbs

Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition carbohydrate supplement Real Carbs, originally named Real Food, is getting two all-new flavours sometime soon. When the brand renamed the product earlier this year, it did slightly alter the original formula switching to more sweet potato and oats, but significantly fewer yams.

5% Nutrition has now announced that its Real Carbs menu of Blueberry Cobbler and Sweet Potato Pie, is getting doubled in size. Confirmed to be coming soon to the supplement’s list of options is Banana Nut Bread and Strawberry Shortcake.

No launch timeframe has been confirmed for either of the new Real Carbs options, with 5% Nutrition simply saying that they’ll be available soon. Both flavours are also only being added to the regular Real Carbs with Real Carbs Rice sticking with its one and only Rice Cocoa Heaven flavour.

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