Top Christmas Gifts for Men That Work Out

It's the time of the year when you can show your special somebody how much you care for them. Knowing what to get your 'swolemate' can be hard. Between supplements and cool stuff to wear, it's hard to choose.

Have a gym partner you'd like to get something for? What about that buff colleague you have had your eyes on?

Whoever it is, treat them right this year and check out some of the best 7 gift ideas for men.

Top 8 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

#1 - 6 Pack Fitness Compartment Meal Prep Bag

6 Pack Fitness Compartment Meal Prep Bag

Tired of seeing your special somebody struggle with meal prep and weight loss? Check out the 6 pack fitness bag range. They come in a variety of sizes and colours and include BPA-free food containers that are clear and tight-fitting, so you can see what is in it without spilling it.

The durable, lightweight and ergonomically designed bags were designed with you in mind.

Meal prep can be hard so help them out and get them going in the right direction.

#2 - Superhero Protein Shaker

Superhero Protein Shakers

Looking for a fashionable and functional beverage bottle? The Perfect Shaker - Hero Series is a top seller at CSN and comes in a range of heroes to suit anybody!

With a range of features such as - Stay-open flip cap, extra wide mouth screw on lid, without rubber seal and leak free! and with great mixing technology - leaving no lumps Don't let your friend go thirsty, grab a Perfect Shaker today.

#3 - Scitec Nutrition Protein Stack

Scitec Nutrition Protein Stack

Want to buy your special someone supplements, but unsure what to get? The Scitec Nutrition Protein Stack has you covered.

Covering the basics of any lifter's supplement stack, your special someone will enjoy protein, BCAA's, and a shaker bottle. If you've ever heard them talking about "muscle soreness" this stack will deliver. Scitec Nutrition Whey Protein tastes great, mixes easy, and comes in many flavors.

Get his butt in gear with this stack and watch his eyes light up when he opens the shaker bottle and samples.

Scitec Nutrition Whey Flavours

  • Banana
  • Cappucino
  • Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate coconut
  • Chocolate cookie and cream
  • Chocolate hazelnut
  • Chocolate orange
  • Chocolate peanut butter
  • Coconut
  • Honey vanilla
  • Lemon cheesecake
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberry
  • Strawberry white chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Vanilla very berry
  • Peach

Check out the bundle here

#4 - Cardiff Sports Nutrition Funnel

Cardiff Sports Nutrition Funnel

Tired of hearing them complain about getting protein or pre-workout powder everywhere? Maybe you're tired of cleaning up the mess?

This CSN Nutrition funnel makes filling your water bottle easy. Simply fill up the funnel and remove the bottom cap to fill.

The funnel is dishwasher safe, BPA free, and can be taken anywhere mess-free.

#5 - CSN Athletic Fit T-Shirts

CSN Athletic Fit T-Shirt

Want to see your special someone show off their hard-earned gains? A brand new athletic fit shirt will make anyone feel better about their progress.

The CSN t-shirt is made from soft material for maximum comfort and durable enough to train in or walk around.

Take a look at the range here

#6 - CSN Lifting Straps

CSN Lifting Straps

If you're looking for a pair of lifting straps, gloves, or wrist supports, our own straps is the way to go.

These are designed with an all in one technology and they are the most common ones developed on the market meaning almost anybody can use them. The grip has been extended so that you can wrap more of the grip around the bar, they have a unique "no slip" grip that remains durable for years.

Keep your special someone from popping calluses on deadlifts and get him a gift that'll last for years.

#7 - CSN Gift Card

There are over 8000 items in stock at Cardiff Sports Nutrition including supplements, accessories, and swag. If you don't know exactly what to get your special somebody, a gift card from CSN will not let them down.

The best thing about this gift card is you can have it electronically sent to an e-mail address for instant use. Choose any value ranging from £5 to £500 or more.

All they have to do is "Apply a gift card" during checkout and complete their order. It makes shopping quick and easy.

Purchase a CSN gift card here.

Wrapping It Up

When giving gifts, it's always the thought that counts. Let's make this Christmas season great by giving a gift that he will not stop talking about.