The Pre-Workout Series: Part 3 Stimulants.

VIEW PART ONE - HERE VIEW PART TWO - HERE   Ok now we’ve got through some of the lesser known things that exist in our pre-workout concoctions let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what you all want to hear about and the reason why most of us use pre-workouts, the kick up your backside, focus increasing craze inducing stimulant effect.

What is the most common stimulant?

The primary stimulant in most pre-workouts and energy drinks is caffeine, we’ll keep this bit simple, and most of us have had an experience of caffeine and its effects. It is well documented that caffeine improves alertness and lifts the feeling of fatigue. Caffeine is proposed to work by increasing central nervous system activity by blocking inhibitors to its function, this increases hormones that are commonly associated with stress and the fight or flight response, and through this action may increase short term performance. Caffeine is suggested to be consumed 15-45 mins before exercise. For a strong stimulant effect doses of around 200mg are commonly included in pre-workouts, however the amount required for effect is very individual, so take it easy on the dosing when you first try a new product!

What happens if you take it all the time?

Sustained use of moderate to high doses of caffeine has also demonstrated the body becomes tolerant within a few weeks and doses need to be increased for a similar effect, this is NOT suggested as this can have potential negative health implications, for this reason it is essential that pre-workouts are cycled or only used when it is deemed essential (i.e. leg day!!). It is also important to note that high doses of caffeine taken in the late evening will increase the time taken for some individuals to fall asleep.  Other ingredients that have a stimulant effect due to containing high levels of caffeine are Guarana and green tea extracts.

What is the main ongredient in most pre-workouts?

Due to increasing restrictions on ingredients the stimulant effect in most pre-workouts is due primarily to caffeine; however they may also contain other compounds that are proposed to be stimulants that positively improve mental focus and energy. Two of these are Tyramine and Vipocetine. Tyramine is stated to have stimulating effects through increased activation of neurotransmitters and Vipocetine is said to have memory enhancing, focus giving properties and also acts as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to the brain and in turn improving mental performance. The effects of these in pre-workout formulations are not thoroughly investigated, although are safe for human consumption in levels found in pre-workout and energy drinks. alpha serum-500x500 Here at CSN, for those of you chasing an all-out stimulant, kick up the backside type pre-workout, we recommend Unitech Labs Alpha-Serum… however be warned this stuff is rocket fuel, so like all caffeine based pre-workouts we recommend you start on a small amount (quarter to a half a serving) to assess your tolerance. [Tweet ""we recommend Unitech Labs Alpha-Serum… however be warned this stuff is rocket fuel""]   Paul Rimmer (BSc, MSc). [wpsr_socialbts]