The Need to Know About Peptopro

Peptopro is a supplement that initially sounds contradictory in nature, as it is hydrolysed casein. Hydrolysing is typically  a process associated with whey protein, the purpose of hydrolysis is to remove as much of the excess sugars as possible from the raw milk protein source and acts to break up the long amino acid chains that make up proteins into shorter, more easily absorbed, chains that get the rebuilding process started within minutes of ingestion. Casein (and this is where the contradiction comes in to play) is a very slow digesting protein source, and would typically be used in pre bedtime formulas where this slow release would keep us supplied with protein throughout our sleep. So therein lies the big question… why would we want a fast digesting slow release protein? Seems crazy, yes? Well maybe until you realise some of the other properties of casein. Casein is very rich in BCAA’s and offers a larger amount of leucine and higher levels of glutamine and a more complete amino acid profile than most amino acid formulations. Alongside this, it is has demonstrated higher levels of digestibility than hydrolysed whey keeping these amino acid chains more intact through digestion providing great benefit for muscle recovery and growth. For more information of the roles amino acids play in muscle growth recovery and health please check out our blog at At CSN we now provide our own CSN branded Peptopro, the first in our CSN supplement series for those supplements we feel are of great benefit but are not widely or easily available. Peptopro can be used any time around training but is particularly useful as part of your intra and post workout supplement armoury. This will insure your recovery and muscle growth is optimised giving you the most benefit of this product at a time when your body’s protein demands are at its highest. Paul Rimmer (BSc, MSc).