#TeamCSN take a look at Quest Protein Bars

Quest protein bars- a review.Scott Freeman@sfreem88 I first heard of Quest protein bars by overhearing a conversation in the gym and remember thinking, ‘how can somebody get excited over a protein bar?’ so decided to see what the fuss was all about, needless to say this bar is amazing! Before we even discuss the taste of the bar the first thing I noticed on the wrapper was the fact that the bar only contained between 1g of sugar and was very low carb. This sort of thing is usually unheard of in protein bars, as a lot of them are crammed full of carbs and sugar to make up for a lack of high quality protein. Another plus point when looking at the ingredient list is the distinct lack of copious amounts of unheard ingredients.


In each bar there is 20g of protein, which is fantastic for a snack or meal replacement. The protein that is a mixture of whey protein isolate; which is packed full of amino acids essential for optimal protein synthesis and milk protein isolate; which is a slow releasing protein that will constantly drip feed our muscles with protein. The high fibre content is what really makes these bars stand out from the rest. As earlier mentioned the amount of carbs in minimal, therefore a fibre source has been used in its place. This has allowed Quest to create a gluten free bar, which will suit everyone and avoid any unnecessary bloating or gastrointestinal issues. Additionally the mixture of high protein, high fibre and low carb/sugar will have a satiating effect on the body and improve gastric function, both which are perfect for those individuals on a calorie restricted diet. The next ingredient is a mixture of nut butters. These help give the bar a chewy texture and also provide a source of healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which are needed especially when performing exercise. The final ingredients are all natural sweeteners to satisfy our sweet tooth! These have been used in minuscule amount in order to stay clear of a nasty, artificial tasting bar. Now we have discussed the ingredients, we can now move onto the details of how amazing the bar tastes! The bar itself is very chewy and dense. This is probably because of the high amount of fibre and the use of nut butters. Because of this, you will feel full and satisfied upon finishing the bar. The taste of the bar is natural and the flavours are full and satisfying. My personal favourite is the choc chip cookie dough flavour, mainly because it tastes as if your are actually eating cookie dough mix not a protein bar and there are chunks of dark chocolate floating around in the mix!


If you are looking for a high protein bar, made from high quality ingredients that will meet your nutritional needs, has no gluten and that will leave you with no gastrointestinal problems, then look no further than the Quest range. You can find them here, and I promise you will not be disappointed.