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NEW in at Cardiff Sports Nutrition, the great new pre-workout formula from the iForce Nutrition Xtreme Series, Conquer. Be it in the gym, on the field or on the track, we all have our own personal battles, our own scenario to Conquer. You need to ask yourself as to whether you are prepared, whether you are ready, whether you are fit enough to go to battle, with iForce Nutrition Conquer you are always ready. Let’s be honest, we all have those days when we aren’t at our best, but to Conquer all that life throws at you, you need to be able to perform at your best, even when you aren’t; iForce Nutrition Conquer makes your training more intense as it floods your body with a range of adrenaline and energy boosting compounds, allowing you to grow stronger, leaner and faster. iforce-conquer1

 iForce Nutrition Conquer

As we all continue our search for insane energy, one of the key factors is, and always will be adrenaline. To put it simply, adrenaline is the most potent stimulant produced by the human body. If we increase the levels of this hormone, performance levels will increase exponentially, iForce have made sure that this is the case with Conquer as they have included the compound Acacia Rigidula in order to pump adrenaline around your body, allowing you to smash through anything in front of you. The Acacia Rigidula compound increases our adrenaline levels due to the effect it has on our central nervous system, which ultimately allows us to workout for longer and exert more strength without even realising! Let’s take a step back and ask ourselves what do we train for? In one way or another the answer will be that we train to compete, be it against others, or against ourselves. We are all constantly striving to be at our best, and this means that we must be at our most formidable, and supplementation with iForce Nutrition’s Conquer pre-workout manipulates key cellular processes in the body, which results in an increase in endurance levels and a rapid rise in strength and power levels. So, lets take a look at the breakdown for iForce Nutrition Xtreme Series Conquer: Those with knowledge of sports supplementation and nutrition will be aware of the effects of creatine supplementation. Creatine Monohydrate has been clinically proven to enhance the raw strength and power of those who use it, with one study reporting that after just 5 days of Creatine Monohydrate supplementation the subjects experienced a rise in their bodyweight; in particular their muscle mass, as well as increases with regards to their maximum performance on the bench press. The rapidity of strength increases whilst supplementing with creatine is purely because of the ability it poses with regards to the body’s phosphocreatine stores and how it results in an increased level. As we compete, the ability to outlast our competition is imperative. We rely on a continual supply of oxygen in order to provide our muscles with the fuel that is needed to keep on going, to Conquer that mountain in front of you. As we exercise, the levels of oxygen in our system can decline, which results in fatigue; Conquer counteracts this natural process as it provides you with enhanced levels of oxygen throughout your workout. So, how have iForce done this? iForce Nutrition have formulated Conquer in a way that enhances your levels of nitric oxide, which, expands your veins (a vasodilator) allowing for an increased level of the transport of more nutrients and energy. iForce have utilised a compound known as Agmatine Sulfate, which increases our nitric oxide, as well as inhibiting the nitric oxide synthase enzyme. So, Agmatine Sulfate actually stops the nitric oxide synthase enzyme from removing nitric oxide from the blood, whilst it actually boosts levels of available nitric oxide. Agmatine Sulfate supplementation results in dilated veins, which as we’ve already noted results in an improved level of endurance, but due to the expansion of our veins we also benefit from an incredible pump. So with iForce Nutrition Conquer our muscles will feel fuller and harder, due to the increased level of nutrients, blood and oxygen that will flood into your muscles. In order to perform at our best, to Conquer our competition we need to utilise the mind muscle connection. We need to make sure our muscles are responding to the signals we transmit from our brain, and sometimes our bodies just won’t do what we want, with iForce Nutrition Conquer these days are no more. So, iForce have formulated Conquer in a way that results in your brain communicating with your muscles in a more efficient manner. Conquer achieves this through the utilisation of a series of Phenethylamine compounds that are neuromodulators as well as neurotransmitters in our brain, and these compounds create a clear communication pathway between our muscles and our brain. These aforementioned Phenethylamines result in an increased level of energy available in our brains, which ultimately leads to a phenomenon known as ‘time dilation’; this phenomenon is essentially a perceived slowing down of time, because of the increased level of the speed of an object. If our brain is working faster than what is considered normal, then we are ultimately able to receive sensory input at a much faster rate, which results in the time around us, appearing at a slower rate. This is a gift to weight trainers, we can focus upon and picture each and every muscle contraction required for the performance of a lift, which results in better performance. This increased mind muscle connection, coupled with the heightened levels of strength and endurance provided by the pre-workout supplementation of iForce Nutrition Conquer makes it the ultimate in pre-workout drinks, with the effects only enhanced by stacking it with iForce Nutrition Hemavol; a pre-workout pump enhancer; and also iForce Nutrition Compete; an intra-workout powerhouse that enhances your endurance and performance even further.

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So, if you’re ready to Conquer your competition, take a look at  iForce Nutrition Xtreme Series Conquer. Alex Conroy