#TeamCSN Gaspari Superdrive Review

Gaspari Nutrition is well known for its ability to create innovative and quality products, and Superdrive continues this legacy, and the following is a Gaspari Superdrive review. This is an industry where pre-workout formulas are one of the most popular product types. The market is saturated by a huge number of products, and it is absolutely essential that new products can stand out from the crowd. Gaspari have developed two new compounds integral to the effectiveness of Superdrive as a pre-workout formula, GLYCOSPAN and mitoDRIVE. beaublog3 Now, let’s put into perspective what it is we generally hope to get out of the pre-workout formulas such as this. Increased energy? Increased mental focus? Increased workout intensity? Muscular pump? All of the above? These are aspects that nearly all pre-workout formulas will promise, but the difference with Superdrive is that it actually delivers these, and in shed loads. This is where these two new compounds excel. mitoDRIVE supplies 5g of ornithine malate per serving, an ingredient far superior to arginine or even citruline malate in boosting nitric oxide production, and the ever important muscular pump. The question is did it work? Yes, hell yes. The pump on my calves after one particular workout was so intense it was almost painful. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing! A decent pump can stretch the muscle fascia, giving more room for muscle fibres to grow into, meaning that a good pump is functional as well as just a good feeling. Link this with the cell volumisation and lactic acid reducing properties of GLYCOSPAN, and we’ve got an extremely potent combination. This isn’t just theoretical marketing speech, this stuff works and you can feel it. The most notable benefit I personally felt was a massive delay in fatigue. My workouts can regularly reach the 1 hour 30 mins mark when training multiple muscle groups. Usually at this point I’m exhausted, but with Superdrive I had to force myself to leave still feeling I had more in me. This is also where Carnipure (l-carnitine l-tartrate) comes in. This has fast become the must have ingredient for most intra- or pre-workout formulas, for its roles in preventing the onset of markers associated with fatigue. Carnipure is supported by a huge amount of clinical research, and it isn’t often that the applied science agrees with the theory. Not since BCAAs or creatine in fact, hinting at its potential. For me personally, it’s the first thing I look for when examining an ingredient list, the clinical results are just too promising not include it. beaublog

 Gaspari Superdrive Facts.

I think it’s fair to say that most people taking a pre-workout drink are after the increase in mental focus and the immediate injection of energy (particularly for you morning trainers!). To do this Gaspari have included a Neuro-Energy Matrix, a potent mixture of caffeine and tyrosine to name just two of the ingredients. Now, while this mixture is potent, it isn’t over the top and rammed full of stimulants like some products. In my opinion this is a good thing. While Superdrive has enough of a kick to get you going, it won’t cause a half hour stimulant overload, leading to heavy crash. Some of the stronger products can cause your system to crash, particularly with those of you with lower stimulant tolerances. My tolerance levels are quite high, but even then on the stronger products my body crashes hard always mid way through a leg session (which does not happen without a pre-workout before any of you say that’s how legs should be!). However, this did not happen at all with Superdrive, which even after a heavy legs session I still felt I had more in me, without overloading my system. Workouts were much more intense, and my focus was much greater. Not only that, but these effects were sustained for the entire workout, and not just for the first few heavy sets! Superdrive is perfect for those who have moderate stimulant tolerance, or for those who aren’t so keen on stimulant based products but still want some of the mental kick. Superdrive also does not include beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is responsible for the skin tingling/heat flushes experienced with many other products, and many people find this feeling uncomfortable. For those of you who fall in to this category, Superdrive is ideal for you, as its effects aren’t diminished by not including beta-alanine, and without having to experience any uncomfortable symptoms associated with it. To summarise, Gaspari Superdrive is a high quality product and easily stands up there with the best of them. This products works, and works without blowing your head off in the process. I felt the benefits of mitoDRIVE and GLYCOSPAN even after only a few workouts, and my strength increased to match. It gives a good mental boost, increasing focus and intensity, but will not lead your system to crash. If you are looking for pre-workout that actually works, but with a lower stimulant content, then I strongly recommend Superdrive. Oh, and the Fruit Punch Blast flavour tastes AMAZING!


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Beau Scott BSc