Sweet Spreads Coconutter: Tasty and good for you!

At CSN we have always taken pride in providing our customers with the latest and greatest in supplements and health foods to help you reach your health and fitness goals. An increasingly popular nutrient in the fitness world are MCT’s (or medium chain triglycerides), as they have many and wide reaching potential health and performance benefits. Many of these products are derived from parts of the coconut plant that are rich in MCT’s and are used as healthy sources of fats in cooking, frying and baking. There are many MCT products on the market but none we have got as excited about as Sweet Spreads Coconutter. Unlike many other MCT based products this incredibly versatile spread and dip (or can even be eaten straight off the spoon if the mood takes you!) provides you with a wide variety of flavours including maple pancake, vanilla cupcake, white chocolate, cinnamon roll, dark chocolate mint and chocolate brownie to meet every taste. Each serving  of Sweet Spreads Coconutter contains only 2g of sugar and 13g of fat of which 10g are incredible MCT’s.


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So what’s all the fuss about MCT’s? Well as a fat source they’re pretty unique as they, as the name suggests, are formed by shorter chains of carbon than long chain triglycerides (LCT’S). This requires less metabolising in the body in order for them to be absorbed into the power-plants of the body (the mitochondria), for more efficient and quicker energy production. This makes it a great addition to those in training who need a boost of energy before training, first thing in the morning to kick start your day and in athletes who have a high energy demand. MCT’s have also been shown to be beneficial on calorie restricted diets, as they have less calories per gram than LCT’s with around 10% fewer calories per gram, this combined with the supply of energy, mean maintaining a low calorie and in particular low carbohydrate diet becomes easier. As if these weren’t good enough reasons, animal models have shown that MCT’s may increase fat burning potential whilst helping to maintain lean mass and in human study’s that MCT’s can help improve insulin profiles. For these reasons multiple studies have shown that MCT’s have shown to provide great benefit in weight loss programs. There are also many proposed general health benefits of including MCT’s in the diet, including improved cholesterol profiles in many organs and the improvement of insulin profiles may be useful for those with diabetes. It has also been used in the treatment of a number of medical disorders in which fat metabolism may be damaged. MCT’s may also help the effectiveness of the antioxidant Vitamin E and calcium, magnesium and even amino acid absorption have been associated with the use of MCT’s meaning it has wide reaching benefits for those who are recovering from injury or illness and may even provide a boost in recovery after training. The quality of the MCT’s in Sweet Spreads Coconutter is reflected by its contents, made with organic and unsweetened coconut shreds, with all natural, gluten and dairy free ingredients and with no preservatives, this combined with the incredible range of flavours makes Coconutter one of the most exciting health foods on the market today. In order to enjoy sweet spreads all you need to do is remove the lid, microwave for 10-15 seconds, stir and then spread, dip or just dig in, to a health food like you’ve never experienced before!