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CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional training performed at high intensity. This type of training causes a lot of muscle damage and stress, and so to ensure that you get the most out of your training, you need to make sure you are getting the correct supplements to optimise recovery and performance. Obviously you can never replace a poor diet, but proper supplementation alongside a healthy diet based around natural foods is going to ensure you’re training at your best. The following blog investigates the specific range of supplements for CrossFit. reebok_crossfit Luckily in today’s market place companies have begun developing supplements for CrossFit, that are wholly directed toward the CrossFit community, and this makes our search for correct supplementation a little easier. The two most prominent of these would be Progenex and Pure Pharma, but in recent years we have also seen companies like Kratos RX’D, Blonyx Biosciences, XEndurance, JaktRX also start producing ‘CrossFit Specific’ supplements. Bigger companies such as BSN and MusclePharm have also got involved in the CrossFit market by sponsoring top athletes such as Rich Froning, (BSN – CrossFit Games Champion 2011&2012) and Graham Holmberg (MusclePharm – 2010 CrossFit Games Champion). Although they don’t have any ‘CrossFit specific’ supplements, their products are legit, and definitely worth investigating. MusclePharm have an excellent range of products, and are drug tested across the board so perfect for those who have regular tests with work etc. Their vitamin and mineral range is probably one of the best, with their Creatine blend being one of the best in the market. BSN has been a top brand since their launch back in 2001 and was the first company to branch into the ‘pre-workout’ market with their ‘No-Explode’. Their ‘Syntha-6’ is also one of the top protein blends in the market with 6 high quality proteins, glutamine peptides and added branch chain amino acids to aid muscle growth and recovery. It goes without saying that to get noticed by a community of athletes you need to ensure you have top quality sponsors. This is where Progenex has the CrossFit community as a whole locked down, by sponsoring many top athletes all over the World, as well as being the official performance sponsor of the Reebok CrossFit Games. On top of this however they do produce extremely high quality products. 0000206_Width512-Height633-512x250

PROGENEX Supplements for CrossFit

Both their protein products (Recovery and More Muscle) use Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate, the highest quality of Whey Protein available, which ensures maximum protein absorption at the highest rate possible. Progenex Recovery also contains optimum amounts of fast acting carbohydrates (only 10g/serving though) and Calcium to ensure muscles recover quickly in order to train at your best in the next session. More Muscle is packed full of whey protein derived growth factors and these have been proven to significantly enhance your muscle growth and strength responses. More Muscle contains the rare ingredient, Promyosin, which is several hundred times more active than any other whey protein source. This is used as a chemical messenger that affects our muscle growth directly by stimulating satellite muscle cells. The Progenex stack of Recovery and More Muscle is comprised of some of the highest quality and well researched ingredients in the world, and using these products together will ensure that your recover quickly and pack on lean muscle, achieving all your training goals. Kratos RX’D is a supplement company that was established here in the United Kingdom, in Wales as a matter of fact, and is a supplement company specifically designed for CrossFit. Their Recovery RX’D formula contains a specific recovery matrix designed to accelerate muscle recovery and replenish hydration and essential nutrients. Each serving contains 26.4g of whey isolate ‘RXtreme’ protein, 27g of essential carbohydrates, 5g of Glutamine and Creatine Monohydrate, as well as 1.5g of HMB. This product has been designed by CrossFit athletes to enhance muscle and CNS recovery post WOD. logo

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Along with these major players within the protein area of CrossFit supplements, a new company has just launched in Canada that produce recovery protein specifically for CrossFit. This company is JaktRX and they have sponsored top Games athlete Lucas Parker. Their WODrecovery product contains a protein blend comprised of high quality proteins: whey isolate; whey hydrosilate; and micellar casein, along with glutamine, Leucine, BCAAs and glucosamine. A unique recovery matrix designed by CrossFitters, for CrossFitters. On the matter of pre workout formulas: Kratos RX’D was the first company to develop a pre workout product for CrossFit athletes, ‘Fuel RX’D’, which is a complex blend of essential carbohydrates, fortified electrolytes, Creatine Monohydrate, and beta-alanine provide incredible mental focus and energy in order for you to perform at your best. Progenex have recently released their pre workout formula, ‘Force’, and reviews of the few that have tried it have been very positive. Force contains a proprietary Surge NOS Activator that works perfectly alongside Creatine and BCAA Peptides (at a 2:1:1 ratio), as well as L-Citrulline and Beta-Alanine. This specifically designed formula helps combat fatigue; improve energy levels and focus, giving you a better training session so you get most out of the gym. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to emphasise too much the need for protein in order to build and repair muscle, but what else can help with muscle recovery and making sure you’re making the most of your training? This is where a brand such as Pure Pharma steps up to the plate, especially within CrossFit training. The Pure Pharma stack of O3 (omega-3s) M3 (ZMA) and D3 (Vitamin D) is specifically designed to ensure you’re recovering fully from training. I don’t feel I need to bang on about Omega-3s for muscle recovery and the reduction of inflammation, and the importance of zinc and magnesium to muscle function and recovery is also well published. If you want to know more about Vitamin D supplementation, see here. pp_wod

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Another company that is relatively new to the CrossFit market with regards to vitamin and mineral supplementation is XEndurance, who have emerged onto the scene after sponsoring top athletes Josh Bridges (2nd 2011) and Camille LeBlanc Bazinet (4th 2012). They have a number of products beneficial to performance including omega 3s and joint supplements. They also have a product called “Extreme Endurance” which is a completely drug free product that has been clinically proven to improve your aerobic capacity and reduce lactic acid build up – improving your performance. They also have a pre workout formula called “Extreme Xecute”, which contains 20g of protein per serving and 1500mg of lactate. The lactate means that muscles then use this as an energy source, thereby raising the lactate threshold, reducing muscle burn and soreness. Another new CrossFit company is a company from the US known as Blonyx. Their supplements are based on the compound HMB, and are completely free of additives. As you can see, there are many brands that now produce products that are well worth trying to supplement your CrossFit training. The key is finding what products you feel work for you and your price range, but remember that you pay for what you get with regards to protein and supplementation. It is important that you cover all bases with regards to muscle and joint recovery when choosing your supplements, and I hope I have provided an idea of what these are. Fuel you WOD, recover faster, repeat. Take a look at the range of supplements for CrossFit that are available at Cardiff Sports Nutrition, including the PROGENEX range. Jonny Landels, CF-L1.