As Mitch Starr prepares for his first pro show, we thought we'd take the opportunity to ask him how it was going, is he doing anything different, how he handles the challenges of prep and his top tips for your prep!

Have you noticed anything different in terms of your mentality prepping for your first pro show? Do you feel more pressure? More motivated? Or is it just the same tick the box approach.
Not really a change in mentality. Before turning pro I made sure I acted like one before I became one. This is just now a title but nothing changes it’s still 100% or nothing. I’m either all in or not at all. I feel less pressure this time, I’m back to the bottom of the pile again. I think I was expected to turn pro but now I not expected to win a pro show. I’m the underdog again and I quite like that.


Have you changed anything in terms of your training, nutrition or supplements into this prep from previous shows?
My training volume is a lot lower for this prep. Last year I was training 6 days a week with intensifiers in pretty much every exercise, rest pauses, drop sets, negative reps etc. This time it’s more of a top set/back off set approach with 2 rest days a week. I’ve responded a lot better and my physique feels much more fresh for 2 weeks out. I'm still sleeping like a baby which is new for me!

What is the biggest thing you miss about being on prep compared to off-season (aside from just being able to eat more!)?
I think it’s the training aspect of progressing lifts and being strong. I prefer prep to off season. Anywhere over 4.5k caloires I struggle so I’d rather be hungry. I do miss being able to do things with my girlfriend and family but I always make sure I make up for that once prep is over.

How do you deal with the stresses or contest prep? Do you have any techniques or tips to help you relax and keep your body and mind in good shape?
I think you just have to keep reminding yourself of the end goal and your WHY. It has to be means so much to you that no emotion can override you giving up, that will carry you through. During prep I make sure I have lots planned with my girlfriend to make up for lost time, holidays, days out, food! This gets me through the tough days knowing I have this to look forward too.

With all your experience, If you could give our audience your top 3 tips to help them through their first prep what would you tell them?

1. Get yourself a good reputable coach who has proven track record. Don’t rush into anyone and do your research.

2. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Your journey on prep is unique to you. Focus on bringing your best and that alone. The rest is out of your hands and what will be will be. Make sure you do exactly what your coach has told you to do and you can walk off stage with the satisfaction that you left no stone unturned.

3. Enjoy it! Nobody forces to prep, it’s a choice you have made and you can stop at anytime. It’s an extreme sport which requires extreme strength so when your feeling rubbish, embrace it! There’s no feeling like being on stage showcasing your hard work so know that better days are coming!

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