Purus Labs Condense Review

Purus Labs Condense Review What are the things that crop into your mind when you think of a pre-workout? ‘Good pump?’ ‘Energy?’ ‘Cold sweats?’ ‘Post workout crash?’ Well the good news is this product provides you with the first two examples, but not the latter. I’ll start this review by talking about the taste as lets be honest you don’t want to be having 40 servings of this stuff if it tastes like death. Purus Labs have managed to create a taste that is strong and non-artificial. When mixing it with the recommended amount of water it tastes good and goes down well. If using less the taste is stronger, and doesn’t mix as well. Upon taking this product you will notice that you will not get a massive buzz as you do with other products, but instead a nice feeling of energy. It is not until you begin to workout that you feel the full effect of this product. Yes, you get a slight tingling feeling, but that is what is expected from a product containing beta-alanine. As the session goes on will feel like you do not want to rest and I had to actively force myself to take my full rest periods as the few times before I didn’t and ended up with the biggest DOMS ever in my legs because of this new found energy! The pumps and vascularity you will get from this product are very good which was handy as last week was so sunny, gave an extra excuse to go to the beach! On a serious note the pumps and energy were excellent especially during leg day when you need that extra push. Another plus of this product is the fact that the energy you have seems clean and will last after the session and you will not have a drastic crash once it wears out. Condense_large

Purus Labs Condense

You’ve heard about how you will feel when taking the product, now lets move into the nitty-gritty stuff of the ingredients and why they have been included. I will start with the electrolyte ingredients before moving onto the main ingredient of Condense, the ATP sustaining lactate buffering mixture. Potassium and Sodium are found in levels of 48mg and 130mg respectively. You may notice that these two ingredients a prevalent in sports drinks and that is there reason behind their inclusion. Sodium is a major ion in extracellular fluid, which will increase water retention and regulation as well as simulating the thirst mechanism. This will help us to avoid dehydration, as we will be working harder than usual. The dosage of 130mg is ideal as it is highlighted that we need at least 40mg per 100ml of water taken in. Potassium on the other hand is a major ion in intracellular fluid and helps in the retention of water in the intracellular space, again aiding in avoiding dehydration. Purus Labs: Condense have been able to create an effective and potent mixture of ingredients that will enable us to get the best from our workout. This blend contains Beta Alanine, Caffeine, Betaine Anhydrous and Nitratene™ Beta Alanine has been included as it increases concentration in the muscles increasing the muscle’s buffering capabilities, which causes a tolerance to fatigue by increasing buffering of H+ ions, reducing the acidity of the muscle. By having a high acidic level in the muscle we will not be able to perform as well and is that burning feeling that we feel during intense exercise. The 2g dosage is ideal as it is enough to provide a neutral ph. level in the muscle and enable us to perform for between 45seconds-4 minutes at high levels. Betaine Anhydrous is an amino acid that can be oxidized in the mitochondria, it has been found to increase energy, produce better repetitions, increased focus and muscular endurance, a key element that is wanted from a pre workout supplement. Everyone knows the wonders of caffeine in giving us energy before a workout. Caffeine will reduce physical fatigue and help with our metabolic rate, which is perfect just before we workout. The levels of Caffeine is only 200mg which is enough to give a 100kg man enough energy as studies have found the most optimal dosage of caffeine to be between 1.5mg-3mg.kg.bm. The final ingredient is Nitratene™. Nitratene™ has been proven to increase nitric oxide production. The benefits of nitric oxide are its ability to enable better circulation of blood around the body. This in turn enables the previous ingredients to move around the body and do their job effectively. It not only helps in circulation but also like beta alanine and beta anhydrous gives us less fatigue and enables a faster recovery process. This ingredient is also the reason behind the vascularity and pumps will you have from this product. Nitric oxide will also preserve our ATP stores enabling us to last longer at a high intensity. This mixture of ingredients is a sure way to get the most out of your workouts, with increased energy, reduced fatigue and muscular pumps without the crashing effects of other pre-workouts. ATP reserves will be preserved enabling your muscular endurance to increase. Scott Freeman