Project AD's Aminotaur to be relaunched with a new formula and improved flavors

Project AD recently announced to Marc Robinson, Managing Director of Cardiff Sports Nutrition that sometime soon it is launching a revamped version of its highly dosed complete amino supplement Aminotaur. The brand has yet to confirm to us exact details of what it’s done to the product, but it has revealed the kind of changes it’s made.

According to Joe Binley the owner of Project AD, it has tweaked the formula of Aminotaur which was already loaded with 7g of BCAAs and 5g of other amino acids but has also altered the supplements flavour options.

Speaking to Cardiff Sports Nutrition, Joe Binley commented saying "It will be well worth the wait! These aminos will be highly dosed and will be a pure quality supplement." He went on to say "Can’t wait for these myself "

When will the new Aminotaur be released?

Project AD is saying to stay tuned for details on the launch of its updated Aminotaur, with no week or month confirmed for its release, only that it’s coming soon. However, Cardiff Sports Nutrition will be one of the first in the UK to get the product so look out for that when you next visit us in store or online.