Progenex Force and Cocoon

Progenex Force and Cocoon Progenex products are some of the highest quality  supplements on the market. They are the official performance nutrition sponsor of the Reebok CrossFit Games, and sponsor most of the top athletes around the world. More Muscle and Recovery use some of the finest ingredients on the planet, and are specifically designed to help you recover faster and stronger, allowing you to train harder and longer. progenexa With this in mind I am extremely excited for the U.K. launch of their latest products: “Force” – a pre workout product; and “Cocoon” – their pre bed time formula. If the feeling I get from using their Recovery and More Muscle products is anything to go by, I am sure that these new products are going to improve my training even more, and become two more of the most wanted products on the market. I thought it would be good then, to provide a closer look of how they achieve these awesome results. Force: Formulated around a proprietary blend of ingredients that have been carefully calculated and utilised in a way that allows you train harder and for longer periods of time. This specific formula was created by scientists and athletes together to ensure that it possessed everything an athlete needs for their workouts. Progenex-Force What was produced was an incredible product that can help you smash through training plateaus, whilst providing you with essential nutrients needed during training sessions. Studies have also shown that Force can: boost energy, stamina, and strength levels, as well as improving focus; increase endurance capacity; and optimise your athletic performance by improving the level of oxygen transport and delivery of nutrients. These results are possible due to Force’s proprietary Surge NOS Activator that works alongside their specific nutrient package containing Creatine and a ratio of 2:1:1 BCAA Peptides, as well as L-Citruline and Beta-Alanine. These ingredients have been incorporated to combat fatigue and there is also a low dose of caffeine as well in order to provide energy. With Force providing enhanced oxygen capacity, endurance, strength and focus, it is bound to be one of the most popular pre workout products on the market, for CrossFitters and athletes alike. Cocoon: A new pre bed formula designed to keep your body fuelled with what it is desperate for during sleep. As we sleep we recover, so it is essential to training and performance then that we sleep well. Cocoon helps promote a deep sleep that is beneficial to our muscles as it helps restore them to full strength. This results in feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and most importantly, fully recovered. progenex cocoon Cocoon features micellar casein protein, a slow digesting source of protein that is perfect before bed, as it feeds the muscles with protein throughout the night. Micellar casein achieves this by promoting protein synthesis due to providing a continual flow of amino acids into the system, which leads to the building of muscle tissue. This flow of amino acids is not only beneficial for protein synthesis, but also for immune support. Alongside this casein is also the Progenex tryptophan peptide ‘Metamorphagen’, which is a powerful compound that that promotes a deep, uninterrupted, and reparative sleep. Together the casein and metamorphagen optimise the body’s ability to recover during sleep. Progenex Cocoon has been specifically formulated in a way that promotes this deep sleep, without incurring any extra drowsiness or lethargy, allowing you to perform at your best during the day, before entering your ‘Cocoon’ at night to build and repair. So, have a look for yourselves at Progenex Force and Cocoon. Jonny Landels CF-L1