Product Review: Nuts N More

Nuts n More Many of us out there use nuts as part of our normal healthy balanced diets due to the high protein content, low sugars and good fats. Obviously the roles proteins and fats play in the body are important for muscle growth and general health purposes, but nuts and nut butters, I find, are also an efficient and easy way of curbing a sweet tooth, without the addition of excessive amounts of carbs and in particular sugars when dieting. Nuts are typically also an important staple in many vegetarian diets due the high of amounts energy and protein they deliver; however, nuts are an incomplete protein source, so have to be combined with other sources to gain a complete amino acid profile…That is until now. Nuts n more nut butters, which come in both peanut and almond varieties and with a wide number of flavourings to suit everybody’s taste, contain whey protein, typically most healthy snacks will contain lower grade forms of protein such as pea or soya (again incomplete protein). Whey is a complete protein source which also provides extra protein of up to 14g per serving in Nuts n’ more. These products also taste delicious and are incredible for curing that sweet tooth when dieting, or in general as a healthy snack giving a bit of variety away from classic nut butters. Nuts n’ more spreads contain no artificial sugars or sweeteners, it also has added omega 3, at up to 4g per serving! It also contains omega 6 and 9, but in much lower quantities, which in our western diets is important, to reduce the ratio of omega 6: omega 3, an important factor in heart health, inflammatory response and many other physiological functions. It is also high in fibre and has no sodium. So what’s the catch? Well to be honest there is only one, and that is the incredible taste, I have tried this product in all its varieties and it’s hard to pick a favourite, the only issue is once you start eating it, do you have the will power to stop?! Paul Rimmer (BSc, MSc)