Product Review: Muscle Mousse

Muscle Mousse If like me you have an insatiable sweet tooth, trying to eat healthy can be difficult, but at last we now have a solution to ‘scratch that itch’ here at CSN. Introducing Muscle Mousse, this product is formulated using slow releasing Micellar Casein, egg and Whey concentrate protein powder, that when mixed and chilled makes a delicious desert, snack or my personal favourite as a pre-bedtime meal after a day eating healthy. There’s nothing like a guilt free treat to send you to bed with a smile on your face, not only this the ingredient profile gives you many of the much needed resources to help you recover and grow. With 3g of muscle building Leucine per serving alongside a complete amino acid profile, Muscle Mousse gives your body all the right tools it needs. Muscle Mousse also contains digestive enzymes that aid absorption and reduce bloating, alongside this it is low in fat and sugars providing less than 6Kcals from fat and 25Kcals from sugars whilst giving you a 30g hit of protein in each tasty 50g serving. Muscle Mousse is also sweetened with stevia a zero sugar natural sweetener. Muscle Mousse is available in 6 delicious flavours including milk chocolate, milky white chocolate, chocolate peanut, banana, strawberry and despite it being a close call, my personal favourite, butterscotch. Paul Rimmer (BSc, MSc)