Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre- Review

Platinum Pre

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The wait is finally over, Optimum Nutrition has released their new and much anticipated pre-workout product ‘Platinum Pre-’ to the UK. But has this wait been in vain or does this product live up to expectations?   This is my review of the Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre-. The questions I asked myself were, does this product really work, is it different to other pre-workout supplements and has anticipation for this product been justified?   The simple answers based on my own experience of this this product was YES to all!   So why does this product work so well?   Within ten minutes of taking this product I could feel my skin tingling, probably due to the flushing effects of Beta alanine. This was my first sign of “PRE-” taking effect. Even though this tingling effect died down, the benefit of Beta alanine lasted for the whole workout.   The product contains 1.6 g of the naturally occurring amino acid Beta alanine. Bloomer et al (2010) stated that Beta alanine decreases lactate accumulation and aids exercise performance. Further Jordan et al (2010) conducted a study showing sub-maximal endurance performance by delaying onset of blood lactate accumulation by supplementing Beta alanine. This means that lactic acid may be buffered, helping to sustain strength and endurance for a longer period and inevitably helping performance. This isn’t me encouraging you to buy the product; my impression of the product is supported by real life studies which have been conducted. Training harder for longer could help break down higher amounts of skeletal muscle leading to growth. Therefore, this is a vital ingredient and really does the job it’s meant to. During the workout my recovery time was high and supersets were becoming triple drop sets due to the lower fatigue.   Combine this with a warming/flushing sensation of the whole body and the “PRE-” is really doing what was expected from this much anticipated product. This feeling could be due to the capsicum extract which is a herb, more commonly called a hot red pepper. This feeling, combined with beta alanine, showed me that the “PRE-” was kicking in. It gives a physical indication that a pre-workout is actually working.   Capsicum extract may have a range of health benefits, for example it could aid digestion of “PRE-”, reduce inflammation pains, weight loss and temperature regulation. All which would be beneficial during the workout and could help to aid sporting performance.   Further, it includes 2g of L Arginine per serving. L Arginine is a well-used amino acid found in many different pre-workout supplements. L Arginine is known for its relationship between nitric oxide levels. This could help contribute to the “PUMP” feeling which may help provide vascularity. But does it work this way? During my arm session I felt my arms bulging giving the sensation that my muscles were going to rip through my skin. This effect is both functional and provides a good sensation as I felt I was getting more from the workout. Mix this with the peptides leucine included and this could also help with recovery.   Now for caffeine which you may think is basic but if used right can really take your workout to the next level. Almost everyone has had caffeine in at least one form or another. This product contains 160mg per serving which is more than most energy drinks found in shops. Caffeine is a well-studied supplement. Studies by Bloomer et al (2010) stated that caffeine taken prior to exercise has been reported to improve both aerobic and anaerobic exercise performance. Normally I find a come down feeling when taking a caffeine supplement but with “PRE-” the energy seemed endless. Towards the end of the workout, when typically I would normally struggle, I found that I could keep weight and reps higher then I had previously recorded.   Combine all this with the possible antioxidant effects of citrus bioflavonoid and the health benefits of grape seed extract and you have a well-rounded product, which ticks all boxes.   Would I buy this product over other pre-workouts?   Now you may be thinking that I am trying to sell you this product but I am not. My aim is to give my opinion of the product. The above gives my opinion on what some of the ingredients did for me and how I felt.   In all honesty I would recommend this product to anyone who wants energy that lasts a whole day particularly a person who gets up in the morning and wants to get the most out of a workout and retain a high all day. I didn’t crash straight after my work out like I have after some pre-workout products. The energy just kept coming and even after an hour and a half hard workout I felt like I could just keep going. The pumps weren’t experienced in the same way as some predominant pump products, but I didn’t expect it to be. I’m not saying you’re not going to get a pump as there are ingredients which could help with this. What I mean is that instead of my muscles blowing out straight away I needed to put some work in to get this to happen. This product gave me the drive and focus to make me want this.   So for the person who wants to get up early, have a hard and lasting workout and really get the most out of your day I would recommend this product to you. However, if you’re an evening trainer this may not be the best product as it will probably keep you up unless your tolerance is high for supplements like this.   To conclude I would recommend this product to anyone who wants lasting energy, focus, drive and wants to push themselves to the next level both in the gym and out.   James Matthias BSc (Hons)   Contact- matthiashealth@gmail.com