Noxygen Product Review

Noxygen from Purus Labs is one of the newest Nitric Oxide (NO) boosting products to be released on the market. Purus Labs believe that the sports supplement industry is saturated with poorly formulated pre-workout products that are designed for marketability and profitability, rather than performance. Purus Labs know that they cannot change this on their own and convince everyone to use their superior pre-workout formula Condense (see our Condense review This spurred them to create Noxygen, an unflavoured, stimulant free pre-workout additive that is an excellent way to spike pre-workout formulas from rival brands to ensure the best possible performance. You see, Purus Labs are trying to look after us consumers even when we don’t buy their products!
    Noxygen is specially designed to boost muscular pump during the workout through increased production of Nitric Oxide and increased blood flow. It does this by utilising two powerful ingredients NO3 TMG and HydroMax. NO3 TMG is a blend of Nitratene and other dietary nitrates that rapidly increase vasodilation (expanding of blood vessels) and oxygen delivery. These nitrates support your body’s ability produce ATP (the energy source used by all cells) by using less oxygen in the process. This means you will have more oxygen to spare, and therefore a greater potential of energy production to boost performance. Studies on Nitratene have shown that a single dose after 14 days of usage is enough to stimulate NO production to up to 3.5x. HydroMax is a high molecular weight, water soluble glycerol that contains 12x more glycerol than traditional forms. Glycerol draws water into the muscle cells to give them a much greater volume, gives them a mechanical advantage to boost strength, enhances hydration and reduces the risk of injury. Clinical research on HydroMax has shown as much as 24% increase in endurance and 5% increase in strength. So that is the science backed theory of how Noxygen works, but does it live up to the hype?

Noxygen is the Ronseal of the supplement world, it does exactly what it says on the tin. I’m going put this out there straight away, this is easily one of the best, if not the best pump pre-workout supplements I’ve used. I’ve used Noxygen for strength days, for volume pump days, on its own and with other products to properly test its effectiveness. The product is so effective that even on its own on a strength day did I notice a benefit. But it must be said that that it was most effective on hypertrophy based pump sessions combined with another product, whether it is stimulant or non-stimulant based. The pump from Noxygen was incredible and was noticeable even after only few sets, which I found actually helped me to get a much better mind-muscle connection. If you are after a truly awesome pump then I strongly recommend that you combine this with Iforce’s Potassium Nitrate ( The pump from this combination is so strong it almost hurts, and you will struggle to find a better combination. Noxygen provides most benefit with hypertrophy style training where achieving a muscular pump is more noticeable and more beneficial. However, it does provide a benefit to strength also, due the increase in fluids into the muscles. Noxygen is stimulant free, so depending on what you stack it with, there will be no crashes, jitters or the inability to sleep after using it.

Taste and Mixability
Noxygen mixes perfectly in any shake, whether it is another pre-workout or on its own in water. Noxygen is clumpy and sticky in the container, but mixes so well that there are no clumps of grittiness once added to your shakes. Taste wise, Noxygen is practically unflavoured but does add a slight hint of sweetness which isn’t really noticeable with most products, but is definitely noticeable on its own in water. Noxygen, contains sugar alcohols (glycerol) which is what gives it it’s sweet taste that is noticeable if used with just water.

Cost effectiveness
Noxygen is ridiculously cost effective, each little tub provides 40 servings all from only £14.99 (current price) here at CSN. So at current pricing that makes each serving around only 37p, it doesn’t get much more cost effective than that.

This is an absolutely essential product for anyone looking to get the best from their pre-workout shakes, maximize NO production and muscular pump. This is one of the best pre-workout products available, and the fact that it can be added to other formulas to give and even bigger boost makes it just that little bit better still. Noxygen mixes perfectly, and has little to no effect on the taste of any other products, and can be taken on its own with just water. With all of these points combined with how incredibly cost effective it is, Noxygen is the must have product that everyone needs in their arsenal.

Beau Scott
BSc Sports Biomedicine and Nutrition