New hardocre supplement range to be released by the creators of MyoBlox

MyoBlox is at it again

The all-new supplement brand that is set to be created by MyoBlox is being described by the brand as the “darker side of the Myoblox crew.” The name of the brand has not been revealed just yet, however, the team at MyoBlox has shared a  bunch of images. The feeling Cardiff Sports Nutrition is getting is a witch/dark magic kinda feel which is totally unique and could prove to be very interesting.

New brand image of the supplement range getting released by MyoBlox

Aimed for the hardcore of us

MyoBlox is designing the new brand for more hardcore consumers so think of other brands like Project AD or MaxxMuscle. The upcoming spin-off brand is said to be completely different from its current range. To start, it plans on hitting the market with a high stimulant pre-workout, an EAA formula infused with the PeakO2 performance blend, and a natural anabolic supplement built for both men and women.

When will it be released

The intriguing brand that certainly sounds like it’ll be worth keeping an eye on, is expected to launch its lineup of products late October.

For more information visit the MyoBlox news page or view their entire range.