New flavours for Project AD Stampede Untamed & Fiber+

Everybody knows that here at Cardiff Sports Nutrition we rate Project AD supplements as the very best. With that said is it possible things are going to get slightly better at the brand? CSN has recently been told that two of their best selling products Stampede Untamed and Fiber+ are going to get extra flavour options.

Stampeded Untamed

Ever since Project AD launched its greatest pre-workout supplement Stampede Untamed, last year, it’s been available in just the one flavour - Citrus Crush. However, the powerful pre-workout has finally been given a second flavour option - Cherry Cola. 


Comprised of high-quality, natural sources of fibre including Psyllium Husk Powder, Fibersol 2 & Apple Fibre Powder, Fibre+ allows you to normalise bowel movements, lower blood pressure, improve the balance of “good to bad” cholesterol, and stabilise blood sugar levels. Project AD's Fiber+ was only available in the delicious mango crush flavour. However, they have taken a leaf out of their very popular greens supplement - Grazed and gone for a Swiss Chocolate flavour. 

This is a smart move from AD as the chocolate flavour is probably the most requested flavour in any supplement. Furthermore, it offers the flexibility of mixing with other supplements but more importantly gives a great taste for a standalone drink.

When will they become available?

CSN will be one of the first supplement stores in the UK to get this new option so be sure to look out for that in the coming weeks.

For more information check out Project AD's News or check out their other supplements.