New Flavour Alert - Carb Killa are now available in White Chocolate Salted Peanut & Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Brand new grenade Carb Killa Flavours

Grenade has just released two brand new flavours of their ever popular Carb Killa. Both available today at Cardiff Sports Nutrition. 

The two mouthwatering new Carb Killa flavours are White Chocolate Salted Peanut and Dark Chocolate Raspberry. The latter is the one we’ve been waiting for Grenade to attempt, mostly because we know how well it can deliver on sweet flavours like with its Banana Armour and Dark Chocolate Mint protein bars.

White Chocolate Salted Peanut

White Chocolate Salted Peanut Carb Killa will have a soft, fluffy core, real roasted peanut nibs and coated in the delicious and decadent, low sugar white chocolate we have come to love from their white chocolate cookie bar.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Dark Chocolate Raspberry is filled with dark choc chips and a rich raspberry fondant and this particular bar is vegetarian. CSN think they are going down the Turkish Delight route with this bar and we are fans!

The new flavours feature a typical Carb Killa nutrition profile led by a strong 20g of protein and 2g or less of sugar. The other important macros for the Grenade protein bars include 18 to 19g of carbohydrates, 2.5 to 3.4g of fibre, and calorie totals between 233 and 242.

Both bars will be available in-store and online this afternoon