New Flavour Alert - Both 'Merica Labz pre workouts to get new flavour

'Merica Labz has just announced that they are going to release a new flavour option for both their pre-workouts Red, White & Boom and pump formula Stars ‘N Pipes. This will give you guys five different flavour options of the popular stimulant and pump pre-workouts.

What is the new flavour?

That flavour is going to be the apple recipe 'Not Your Granny’s Apple', which if it is anything like the ‘Merica Energy drink flavour is a delicious and strong apple flavour.

When will it be available?

‘Merica Labz will be launching Not Your Granny’s Apple for Red, White & Boom and Stars ‘N Pipes, next week on Monday 29th October and as soon as it hits the UK distributor Cardiff Sports Nutrition will get a hold of them!

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