New All-Natural Water Loss Supplement From Redcon1

A new product from Redcon1

The upcoming product is Waterboard, which is the top-rated brand’s all-natural water loss formula. This means they are entering into a market they are currently not competing in, despite having over 20 different supplements available.

Cardiff Sports Nutrition spoke to Eric Hart the man behind Redcon1 and ask him what was the reasoning behind the latest product.

"The reason for the product is two-fold. One, our fat burning/weight loss category has really picked up for us and the gap in the portfolio was a water-loss product. Additionally, we practice what we preach at Redcon1 and there’s a lot of guys/girls who compete in the office and on the team and they all wanted a natural diuretic they could use.  So we gave them what they asked for."

Who should use Waterboard?

Waterboard is intended for those looking to get rid of that extra layer of water whether it be for a bodybuilding contest, photoshoot, or special event. It aims to help enhance sweat production, remove water, and provide overall better muscle definition with no word on any of its ingredients just yet.

When will it be available?

Redcon1 hasn't specifically said anything to Cardiff Sports Nutrition yet. But we will be one of the first in the UK to stock the product.

For more information please visit their range here or read their other supplement news/