Let's all scream for Cookies & Cream! Optimum Nutrition releases new Cake Bite flavour

Optimum Nutrition has released exclusive information on its new flavour Cake bites; Cookies & Cream. This was decided by ON fans with a poll asking what flavours they would like to see next, and Cookies & Cream came out on top. With already 8 flavours to choose from including Red Velvet Cheesecake, Chocolate Mint & Peanut butter Chocolate – this will add a whole new dimension.

The new Cookies & Cream flavour will pack 20g of protein, 25g of carbohydrates, 6g of sugar, 7g of fat and at 240 calories per bar – perfect for pre or post workout snack.

Optimum Nutrition has only released details on the flavour and nutritional values as of yet with no release date confirmed yet. As soon as the details are released, CSN will bring you all the details on the new flavour. 

Want to find more? Head over to the Optimum Nutrition page to find out more.