@AskKort's Break Down of WheyMax-V from Strom Sports Nutrition.


This has been a while in the works which have built up great anticipation for the release.

This is NOT your normal bang average whey, In this blog, I want to just give you the run down and tell you what is different and what the differences have the potential to do.

We see SO many new proteins come to market, most being a normal whey protein concentrate, maybe a dash of isolate protein in there too and a label slapped on the tub.
The expected protein global market in 2020 is forecast at 39 billion dollars! And only very few exceptionally different formulas.

This is 80% of Whey concentrate 20% Casein, which is kind of a flip on the head from the protein split from milk (being 80% casein 20% whey). 

So this will have the power of Whey with the longer-lasting amino acid release that casein can bring which for us is great, but not what makes this product stand out so much from the rest.

The talking point is Velositol, a patent blended ingredient from Nutrition21, The lovely ladies and gents who also bring us other well-known ingredients like Nitrosigine and Chromax.

Velositol is a very exciting ingredient, what I would say a very young ingredient in terms of studies, but we do have some very promising results and data!

A study was done in humans, a cross over double-blind placebo-controlled study seen two groups, 1st group given 6g whey protein 2nd group given 6g whey protein with 2g Velositol shown a Double in muscle protein synthesis, that much so it was actually comparable to the spike which 20g protein would give you.

Then they decided to take the higher doses to animals (rats) so they gave the equivalent doses as comparable to 20g whey and 40g whey, and we also have seen increases in muscle protein synthesis at those doses, 20g whey + Velositol increased muscle protein synthesis by 47% more than 20g whey alone, and 40g whey + Velositol increased by 30% over 40g protein alone.

So I would never claim the cross over from rat to human is identical but I can certainly say its promising, I don't think anyone can say this does not work, all anyone can really say is that more human studies are needed to see if those numbers translate into humans. 

So how does Velositiol work, this is a blend of amylopectin and chromium, Chromium claimed and used for its improvement of insulin action, Velositol is claimed to significantly increase MPS signaling pathways such as mTOR, S6K1 and 4E-BP1, also in the studies it was shown that Velositol increase myokines... providing another potential way it may increase MPS.

So that is Velositol and the sources of Protein used, next up we have the addition of lactase, an enzyme to aid in lactose breakdown to furthermore potentially increase the digestion capabilities of the serving.

And on top of all that, which is one of my personal favorite points of this product..... it comes in Custard Cream flavor! And also in Raspberry Ripple flavor.

If you have any more questions please do feel free to message us on social media or my social media.