Ingredient review - Dynamine

Why should you consider Dynamine?

Dynamine, (methylliberine) is a very fast acting and strong ingredient that functions to boost energy, focus and mood. Dynamine is considered a pure alkaloid that is naturally occurring. It is in the methylurate family since its molecular structure is closer to theacrine (aka TeaCrine®) than to caffeine.

Dynamine is naturally found in a variety of coffee species including Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora (robusta). Methylliberine can also be found in caffeine based everyday drinks such as tea, guarana, yerba mate and cocoa.

Even though there is not as much scientific research on this ingredient as we would like, it is showing promising properties as a high-stim pre-workout ingredient in supplements such as pre-workouts and fat burners.

Dynamine benefits for athletes

When thinking about Dynamine it is best to keep in mind that it is very similar physiological properties to theacrine (makes sense since it is found in coffee beans). 

Compared to caffeine, Dynamine is faster acting and has longer duration allowing trainers to stay focused and energised to push through any tough workouts.

Although there hasn’t been any evidence as yet for Dynamine offering specific ergogenic benefits, it does have similar effects to caffeine. In saying this, Dynamine may be able to help improve energy and promote better focus in terms of performance.

One of the main highlights of this super-stimulant is that it is one of the most powerful legal alternatives to the banned DMHA. Dynamine delivers focused energy without the jitters or crash associated with many of its predecessors and is a favourite DMHA alternative.

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Increased Energy

One of the best benefits of Dynamine for people who are serious about their workouts is that it is believed to increase energy levels. Because it prevents adenosine from binding to its receptors, it prevents fatigue and sleepiness, so those who enjoy fitness can experience a workout without getting tired.

Mental Alertness

Dynamine increases the level of mental alertness that people experience, in addition to increased energy. Dynamine operates like Caffeine, resulting in a sharper brain that's better able to focus on the task at hand.

Improved Physical Performance

When fitness enthusiasts take Dynamine, they don't only have more energy to push themselves harder. They also can experience improved physical performance, since it allows you to push harder while you work and reap more benefits from the exercise that you do. People take Dynamine before a workout so that they can see boosted benefits when they're done.

Boosted Mood

Workout results aren't the only things that are boosted by taking Dynamine. People also experience a boosted mood when they take the supplement, as well. Dynamine is known for inhibiting dopamine reuptake. This sometimes creates a feeling of euphoria in the body, which can leave people feeling happy and content. People who take Dynamine often experience a boosted mood, which can last for hours after the supplement is consumed.

No Crash

One of the worst parts of taking a supplement like caffeine is that the people who take it experience a crash as it wears off. In contrast, Dynamine is not known to cause a crash after the supplement wears off. Dynamine will last for 3 hours in a person's system, but when it wears off, the person will feel normal--not unnaturally depleted. Dynamine is a great choice of supplement for someone looking for a stimulant without the associated drawbacks.

Improved Mind-Muscle Connection

If you lift regularly, you know how important it is to have your mind and your body in sync. By connecting your mind and your muscles, you are able to be more precise and exact with your workout. Thanks to the increased focus that is caused by Dynamine, you can also experience a better mind muscle connection when you take it and work out. This means that you can reap as much as possible out of every single rep that you do at the gym, getting the biggest results possible from your workouts.

Increased Fat and Calorie Burn

Experts believe that Dynamine may result in enhanced oxygen uptake when you take it as a supplement. That, combined with increased energy, may result in your being able to burn more calories and fat during the day. If you're able to burn more fat and calories throughout the entire day, you can achieve some added fitness benefits, including weight and fat loss, and a leaner physique.

No Impact on Sleep

Sleep is one of the keys to having a healthy, lean body. However, if you regularly take stimulants, you may find that it interrupts your sleep. Luckily, however, Dynamine has not been shown to have any particular effect on people's sleep patterns, which means they can enjoy its energy boosting and wakefulness benefits without fearing that they won't be able to fall asleep when their head hits the pillow at night. Having good quality sleep is particularly important if you're trying to shed fat from your body.

Long Lasting

Many stimulants you can take pre-workout only last a short time. Some are even short-acting enough that they're done affecting you by the time that you are finished at the gym. However, luckily, Dynamine is a long lasting supplement that has been shown to take effect for at least 3 hours. When someone takes Dynamine, they can get through their workout and enjoy the increased energy, then even enjoy the benefits of the supplement when they leave the gym and go about their normal daily routine.

Anything to worry about?

Like theacrine, Dynamine is not believed to raise heart rate, but it can still improve feelings of energy, mood and focus by activating dopamine receptors and inhibiting adenosine.

If you have high blood pressure or heart rate or are on medication for either, you should avoid using stimulants until you have been cleared by your healthcare provider. While most stimulants can offer positive benefits, they also come with their share of negative effects, which vary by dose and according to a person’s tolerance and sensitivity.

Recommended dosage

While Dynamine exhibits stimulant properties, it’s recommended for users who are wanting to increase energy and alertness fast. There is currently no standard dose quantity and frequency for Dynamine, but based on Team CSN's experience we would treat it similar to theacrine. That standard dose ranges from (200mg-400mg). If though combined with other stimulants this should be reduced.

Stacking with Dynamine

Although Dynamine is regarded as a stimulant, it can be still be stacked with other fat burners. However, if you are already consuming supplements that contain stimulants, it may be best to avoid further use of other caffeine-containing supplements.

Quick Summary Points

  • Dynamine or methylliberine is a pure alkaloid compound structurally related to caffeine that functions to boost energy, focus, mood & oxygen uptake
  • Naturally found in a variety of coffee species and in Kuding Extract.
  • Commonly found in pre-workouts or fat burners in its trademarked form Dynamine.
  • Compared to caffeine, Dynamine is faster acting and has longer duration allowing trainers to stay focused and energised to push through any tough workouts.