Ingredient Fact Sheet: Astragin. The Key to better absorption?

What is AstraGin?

"AstraGin® is a patented, plant-based compound providing full-spectrum gut support through enhanced absorption, microbiota and immune cell viability, and supporting a healthy intestinal wall environment".

It is designed to enhance the absorption of various nutrients, including amino acids, peptides, vitamins, and minerals.

AstraGin is marketed as a bioavailability enhancer, meaning it may help improve the absorption and utilization of nutrients in the body.

The main components of AstraGin include extracts from Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus, two traditional herbs used in Chinese medicine. These herbs are believed to have various health benefits, and AstraGin is specifically formulated to maximize their synergistic effects.


Why is it included in Supplements?

Some supplement manufacturers include AstraGin in their products to potentially boost the effectiveness of other ingredients by improving their absorption in the digestive system.

Benefits may include:

Reduction in markers of inflammation in the gut; improving cellular function and in turn nutrient absorption. 

Increases in nutrient transporter enzymes; directly aiding in nutrient absorption efficiency. 

Increased immune system function; increasing the 'alertness' of immune system markers. 

Improved Gut Health; Reported improvements in good bacteria and inhibition/reduction in bad bacteria.

All of this creates and environment for a healthier, better functioning intestinal tract, enhancing overall health but also and importantly for supplements allowing effective delivery of highly dosed ingredients!


What supplements is it found in?

Due to it's effects it is found in many different types of supplements to help amplify their performance. 

For example Project AD's excellent pump product 'Nitrox' utilises Astragin for effect delivery of ingredients that may ordinarily have inefficient uptake in the gut. 

Ghost Lifestyle also use Astragin in many of it's pre-performance products, including Gamer and Pump. 

Outside of pre-workout products, there are several supplements that rely heavily on gut function to maximise their effectiveness. For example, carb powders that need to be absorbed quicky may also include Astragin, such as Applied Nutrition's 'Carb-X'.