How To Stay On Track This Christmas

Enjoy your favourite festive treats without the extra pounds. We all know it is inevitable that we are going to be enjoying slightly too much of the good stuff this Christmas, but that doesn't mean we can't stay on track and have a little damage limitation. Here are some ways you can burn off some of the great food you will be indulging on this Christmas. Whether you are looking to get out and burn some extra calories on Christmas day or burn off all the food after the Christmas binge here are some ways you can get out and burn off those Christmas delights. 


Christmas Pudding


357 calories per 60g serving

Walking between 4.5 and 5 miles per hour will burn 400 calories in 1 hour


Mince Pie


260 calories per pie

Follow this sequence for 10 minutes;

Jump squats 30 seconds

Spider-Man press ups 30 seconds

Sprints 30 seconds




Mini Pork Pie


208 calories per pie

228 calories per hour


Pigs in Blankets


65 calories per pig

260 calories per hour


Mulled Wine

Wii Fit Bowling

1 small glass contains 120 calories

195 calories per hour


Celebration Chocolate

Indoor Cycling

497 calories per 100g handful

483 calories per hour




207 calories per gingerbread person

30 minutes of breaststroke will burn 367 calories


Pumpkin Spiced Latte


380 calories per 16oz drink

390 calories per hour


Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Ice Skating


164 calories per 4 segments

426 calories per hour


Wensleydale and Cranberries on a Cracker


151 per 1 cracker and 30g cheese

443 calories per hour




1 small glass contains 80 calories

391 calories per hour

Salmon & Cream Cheese Canapes

Water Aerobics

21 calories per canape

501 calories per hour