GO NUTS for the new Grenade Vegan Go Nuts Protein Bar

Say hello to the newest Carb Killa on the block, the Grenade Carb Killa: Vegan Go Nuts Protein bar. This latest addition to the Carb Killa family is vegan-friendly, dairy and gluten free appealing to specific dietary requirements. With its rich chocolate base and protein-packed peanut body, this Carb Killa is different from the rest. Containing nuttin' artificial it is packed with rich protein and soy isolate offering 10g of Protein in a single bar.

How healthy is the new Grenade Carb Killa?

One serving contains 10g of Protein, 10g of Fat (2g of Saturated), 9g of Carbohydrates (2g of Sugar) and a low-calorie intake of 179 calories.

With it being Informed Sports approved, you'd be nuts not to try it!

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