Fun Ways to Add More Exercise into Your Life

Most people wish they could add a little more exercise into their daily routine. Contrary to popular belief, however, this typically isn’t accomplished by just signing up for the gym. If you’re going to stick to a healthier lifestyle and workout routine, it’s crucial to find ways that make exercise enjoyable for you. Here are some ideas about how to add some more physical activity throughout your day while still having fun.

Join a charity run

Athletic events for charity, like 5k runs, are a great way to get active with neighbours for a good cause. Their mission is also a great motivator for those who might not normally enjoy running. To challenge yourself, try to find runs that require donation pledges per completed kilometre. This should push you to work harder and get a better workout. If you can’t find any local races, organise one yourself! You can use an online resource to simplify your planning and rely on social media to attract participants for free.

Man stretching

Watch your favourite show

Instead of enjoying your favourite show on the couch, consider watching it on the treadmill, elliptical or bike. Not only will this provide you with a weekly gym routine, but it will also make the time you spend there go by much more quickly. You can even try challenging yourself with interval training; use the adverts as rest time and work harder during the actual show for a more well-rounded burn.

Stay fit at work

AnchorMost modern jobs require endless hours of sitting which can decrease your fitness and overall health. Instead of letting the workday slow down your athletic progress, get creative with your daily routine! Try planning standing or walking meetings, and make sure you’re getting up to go for a walk every half hour. If you have a particularly busy day, you can even invest in an under-the-desk cycler to add in some cardio while also burning stress.

Join a fitness class with friends

You’re much more likely to stick to a fitness program if you have friends with you as some added sources of motivation and fun. Laughing and having small competition among your friends will make the time fly by and increase your work output. Then, you can make a night of it and grab a healthy dinner together to reward yourselves for your hard work.

Work out with friends

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. No matter how you do it, it should be an enjoyable activity that you want to continue. Try incorporating some of these suggestions into your own workout routine to begin enjoying exercise and leading a healthier life.