Dymatize’s new weight loss product revealed - Introducing Amplifire

New weight loss product 

Amplifire is a new weight loss product from the hugely experienced supplement company Dymatize. It features just a few key ingredients to deliver its promising benefits with vitamins, antioxidants, and energizers.

Dymatize designed Amplifire to enhance mental focus, promote vitality, and support metabolism and thermogenesis. You can see the full list of ingredients below. 

Dymatize Amplifire Nutritional Information

Amplifire relies on its listed benefits to come through, including 200mg of caffeine, CapsiMax capsicum extract, and 125mg of TeaCrine.

You can read more about Dymatize Amplifire on its website at dymatize.com and look forward to seeing it on the Cardiff Sports Nutrition shelves in the near future.

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