Driven Sports Splyce: Intra-Workout Amino Fuel

Driven Sports Splyce is an innovative intra-workout product that fuels your workouts through an expertly dosed serving of Branch-chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and an array of other ingredients that have been shown to result in muscle building. Splyce is an intra-workout that lets you train at your hardest for longer, and this is because the amino acid content found in Splyce is directly metabolised in your muscles. This process results in the inhibition of catabolic enzymes that can lead to muscle break down, it can reduce and delay the dreaded muscle fatigue that limits your progress. So what is it in Driven Sports Splyce that makes it an intra-workout powerhouse?? Driven Sports Splyce 40 serving_supplementcentralTaurine: as we train, our muscles are constantly working to produce ATP from stores built up from our daily food consumption. The harder we work, the more this process does for our workout. However, a word of caution, there is a damaging by-product called superoxide that can spell damage for a working cell. Superoxide is your body’s way of reacting to the intense oxidative stress that a workout puts it under. Now, this is where Taurine comes in. Studies have shown that Taurine digestion can reduce oxidative stress during a workout, with this ultimately increasing overall exercise time and protecting our hard working muscle cells from Superoxide. Driven Sports have therefore incorporated Taurine into Splyce, to make sure that you can push beyond your limits and prevent any damage to your muscular cells. Trimethylglycine (TMG): TMG is an ideal partner for the Taurine found in Splyce, as TMG has been shown to limit levels of fatigue in human subjects. These studies have also shown that TMG enabled athletes to work at their optimal capacity for longer. Studies in the ergogenic, or exercise enhancing, properties of TMG have lead researchers to suggest that a TMG acts as an osmolyte, which means that our muscle cells pull water into themselves, increasing overall cell volume which results in a lowered susceptibility to muscular fatigue. Branch-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA): the protein we consume through our diet promotes muscle growth through protein synthesis, however, as we train we experience muscle degradation which reduces levels of protein synthesis. This is not ideal, and with Driven Sports Splyce you can limit this metabolic process, and keep your levels of protein synthesis high. branched-chain-amino-acidsL-Leucine: you may be saying that Leucine is a BCAA, and you would be correct, but, what recent research is indicating is that Leucine is more than just a building block for muscle tissue, it also has pharmacological benefits. Driven Sports have incorporated a 1.8g dose of L-Leucine in Splyce, and this has been shown to be a dose capable of eliciting maximal levels of protein synthesis in adults. This is achieved through the L-Leucine entering our skeletal muscle and subsequently stimulating our mTOR pathway, which regulates protein synthesis and cell growth. It must be stressed that the other BCAA’s play an important role in keeping our protein synthesis going. It is imperative that the ratio of the BCAA’s is appropriate, as although the combination of these muscle building blocks is crucial for muscle growth, the ratio is important for enhancement of athletic performance. Driven Sports have implemented a 2:1:1 ratio in Splyce, due to this being the ratio that is most like that found in animal protein and studies would suggest that this is the ratio at which humans can best metabolise BCAA’s. When we consume a meal and we subsequently experience heightened levels of BCAA content in our blood, the protein synthesis typically ceases at around 2 hours. However, if we were to increase the concentration of BCAA’s in our blood through a rapidly absorbed dose, the protein synthesis process can be resumed and actually extend past the typical physiological 2 hour boundary. BCAA supplementation, particularly at the 2:1:1 ratio, whether it be throughout an intense training session or between your daily meals can provide you with a protein synthesis boost that can fuel anyone regardless of their athletic goals. BCAA consumption whilst exercising has been shown to ease the effects of mental fatigue whilst improving our levels of cognitive functioning. BCAA’s allow you to maintain peak physical performance, whilst maintaining that mind-muscle connection. Alpha-Lactalbumin: protein can be produced through a variety of filtration methods, with ion-exchange filtration being one method. Ion-exchange filtration is a rather harsh process, and due to the delicate nature of certain peptides found in whey protein they do not manage to survive the process of filtration. These peptides are known as microfractions of whey, and perhaps the most abundant of these microfractions is beta-lactoglobulin. Beta-lactoglobulin is found in excess in cow’s milk; however, there is no function for this microfraction in humans. This is where beta-lactoglobulin’s sister peptide comes in! Alpha-lactalbumin or ‘FractoFuse™’ is a peptide that is found within human breast milk. FractoFuse™ has a major role to play in human growth in the early stages of life, and it also plays a major role in the metabolism of lactose. It activates an enzyme that converts glucose and galactose to lactose, with this process potentially lowering levels of blood glucose, which will subsequently enhance fat oxidation and promote the growth of lean mass. As we can see from this short discussion of what makes up Driven Sports Splyce, it is a comprehensive blend of ingredients that are shown through research to limit levels of fatigue and stimulate growth. So if you’re looking for a new intra-workout product, then look no further than Splyce.