Drink Coffee For Muscle Recovery

The Benefits of Caffeine


We all know that caffeine is brilliant for reducing your rate of perceived exertion, so you can train harder for longer. What a lot of people don’t realise is that coffee is also a great muscle recovery drink. Not only will it give you the boost you need to carry on your day after a workout, it’s also awesome at quickly replenishing the glycogen levels in your muscles. High levels of glycogen mean you’ll be able to perform at higher intensity the next day – ideal!


Add some natural caffeine in to your post-workout recovery mix with this super tasty and super effective post-workout coffee and protein recipe, a favourite from the team at TrueStart Coffee (the performance coffee experts).



Recover with Truestart Coffee's Supercharged Post-Workout Shake:


2 handfuls of chia seeds soaked overnight in 225g of vanilla almond milk.

1 teaspoon of TrueStart mixed with 200ml of water. – leave to stand for 2 minutes

a scoop of protein powder (we like the chocolate protein for this one)

handful of ice cubes

blend in a blender until you have a creamy consistency.



The Science behind the Cuppa


According to researcher, Samuele Marcora, PhD, the energy boost we get from caffeine has a powerful motivating effect. Not only are we able to power through our workouts because we're physically stimulated, the caffeine may also make us more likely to want to exercise in the first place. The stimulant alters how your brain perceives how hard you’re working during physical activity.

In order to encourage people to commit to exercise, "we need to find ways to significantly reduce perception of effort and discomfort...without reducing exercise intensity and/or exercise duration," he writes. Caffeine is an obvious solution for this goal. Several previous studies have linked it to improving performance while still making the effort feel easier.


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Hannah Richards MA Journalism