CSN Talks to PurePharma

purepharma_thumb PurePharma has rapidly gained popularity in the health food and sports supplement world. It is quickly becoming known as the must have brand of supplements in the Crossfit domain due its high quality and drug tested production. Many experienced athletes, and beginners alike are turning to crossfit as their training of choice, and as they do, turn to PurePharma to provide them with quality supplementation. Cardiff Sports Nutrition caught up with Julius Heslet from the Purepharma team and asked the questions that we thought we commonly asked but not regularly answered.

When was the PurePharma brand founded and how did it come about? In 2008 a group of passionate Crossfit fans who that thrived for an active and healthy lifestyle became frustrated by the lack of supplements that were not only trustworthy but were laced with quality and affordable for all. They decided to set up their own brand that provided absolute quality that people could trust.  They aimed to create supplements that would meet the highest of demands from the world’s fittest people. Striving to revolutionize the supplement industry with products that would improve well-being, health and performance whilst being made as natural and efficiently as possible, they created PurePharma

Why is it that PurePharma only makes 3 supplements? We looked at the westernized diet and tried to figure out what supplements we’re really needed or missing completely. The main brand strategy was to produce the vital things that the majority of people lack. We discovered that Omega-3, D-Vitamin and Magnesium were the 3 micro nutrients that were missing in the correct amounts from the typical western diet, and therefore thought it best to produce and develop products based on the latest science to satisfy the vast deficiencies that have arisen. It seemed more logical to produce a smaller amount of high quality products that were really required by all, rather than a whole array of supplements of a lower quality that were only needed by some. Our basic aim was to produce something you felt safe using yourself, recommending to your parents and friends, and wouldn’t hesitate to suggest to an elite athlete or sportsman.

Where do you source your Omega-3, Magnesium and Vitamin D3? Oily fish like sardines, salmon anchovies, herring and Mackerel are the highest quality sources of Omega-3. We source our magnesium from green vegetables and nuts, and Vitamin D comes from egg yolks and oily fish.

Even if I eat plenty of those things, would you still recommend I supplement my diet with the 3? We would always recommend that you supplement your diet with our 3 products, not necessarily because of the types of foods you are eating, but the source behind where those foods have come from. In recent studies, it was discovered that farmed fish had significantly less Omega-3 and vitamin D in comparison to the ocean and wild caught fish that we use. That comes down to the fact that farmed fish are fed with an unnatural diet of grain and corn and are generally ‘unhealthy’ fish. Various other studies have shown that mineral levels in vegetables have significantly decreased over decades, because of the use of exhausted soil.

Omege-3 is available from quiet a lot of brands, what makes PurePharma’s better than the others? PurePharma Omega 3 is a minimum of 74% Omega-3 fatty acids. That is one of the highest concentrations on the market. That means that out of 1000mg of fish oil you will get a minimum of 740mg fatty acids which is what is desirable from the fish oil. The level of purity in which PurePharma O3 is produced is at an incomparable level. It is molecularly distilled twice, as well as cold filtered which provides an incredibly pure end result, e.g. no traces of heavy metals. Many companies may claim these statements, but were the only one that has our fish oil 3rd party tested with the ‘International Fish Oil Standards’ (IFOS) lab in Canada that certify the freshness, concentration and purity of our product. Pure-Pharma_thumb