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I will be the first person to admit that I am overly sceptical of the supplement industry, and rightly so. The industry as a whole is known for being quite badly regulated. Today, almost anyone can bring out a supplement, package it and market it as the next big ‘revolutionary’ product which turns out to be nothing more than a disappointment. CSN believe in holding the industry to a higher standard. They have an in-house team of nutrition and supplement experts that really know their stuff! This means that they don’t stock products that they don’t believe in or wouldn’t take themselves.


Proud to be part of the team!

Team CSN continues to grow. Powerlifters, Strongmen, Weightlifters, Crossfitters and Body Builders, all with different goals. We’re all different, yet very similar in that none of us are ‘normal’. We’re unique because of the dedication that we have to our goals and our chosen way of life, and to that end our nutritional needs are different to the average Joe or Jane. Now, like many of you, when it gets to about 10am, or just before bed at 10pm, I get peckish. As a full time Personal Trainer on the go, it is very hard for me find a moment to sit down and eat a good meal that meets all my macronutrient needs. This is where Muscle Mousse really helped change the game for me.

Muscle Mousse

As I am sure many of you are aware, stuffing yourself with food so that you can get the macro’s and calories in that you need is not always convenient, especially if your job or lack of time restricts you from doing so. Muscle Mousse is a high quality blend of Whey and Casein protein that is designed to be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. The great thing about this product is the ease and simplicity with which it allows you to add a bit of textural variety into your diet. Not only that, it is super quick to prepare. All you need to do is put two scoops into your shaker; add water slowly till you hit a desired consistency and, BAM! You my friend have yourself a high protein mousse that simply needs to set in the fridge. I will be honest here for a second and say that the taste is not what really sold me on this product.  While the taste is great, what I enjoyed about the product was that it allowed for me to add my own creative taste. By adding vanilla essence, orange zest or even a few different nut butters to my Muscle Mousse I don’t limit myself to the basic flavours. Chocolate flavour with a drop of orange zest creates a lovely blend similar to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. This is a great product that I would use and recommend again and again. Muscle Mousse is 100% Soy free, Gluten free and is HFL certified Drug free. Not only that, for all you Paleo loving Crossfitters out there, Muscle Mousse is also 100% sourced from Grass-fed cows and contains beneficial probiotic digestive enzymes to assist with digestion and full protein synthesis. Muscle Mousse 2


Get your own Muscle Mousse from Cardiff Sports Nutrition! It is a great product for every gym goer, and a great a convenient snack for all you office bound Ironmen and Iron Maidens.   Later Team CSN! Rogan Allport – Personal Trainer   Email: rebellionstrengthhq@gmail.com Phone number: 07545955557