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muscle mousse

As more people learn about the importance of nutrition and supplementation, the basic protein powder has now developed from convenience shake for post workout recovery, to all out cooking ingredient that can be adapted to various different recipes. The majority of protein powder recipes will be hit or miss for success as far as taste and palatability are concerned, which is why when Genetic Supplements developed Muscle Mousse protein dessert, it gained attention and rapid popularity in the health, fitness and supplement world. Here at Cardiff Sports Nutrition, we wanted to learn more, and were extremely grateful when Neil Johnson, managing director of Genetic Supplements and brains behind Muscle Mousse agreed to give us a one to one interview. 340x410_prod-musclemoose-choc13342457714f86f98bd069f

Can we have a little bit of your brand history.. where your based, how genetic started, why Genetic Supplements was started?   "We're based up in County Durham, and the Genetic brand was conceived about 3 years ago. We have been trading for the last 2 years. The Genetic brand was formed off the back of my own personal ethos that supplementation is exactly that, a supplement to a goal focussed nutrition plan and training regime. If these fundamentals aren't in place we are effectively wasting time and money. A no gimmick, results driven product range, if you like".   Our range was developed by working with professional athletes and nutritionists who understand this ethos and collectively we created a specific line of products that cater to serious trainers and athletes alike. People who understand what it takes to perform and recover at their optimum. My view is that if we can make you recover to the best of your ability you have the potential to succeed in hitting your personal goal sooner and performing better in your chosen sport/pastime".   "We have a fantastically loyal customer base that recognises this very ethos and we're immensely grateful to each and every customer who uses Genetic products".

Muscle Mousse has proved very popular with our customer base at Cardiff Sports Nutrition. What is it that makes Muscle Mousse different to other dessert style protein supplements on the market? "That's great to hear, and we really appreciate the support from you and your customers at CSN. There are some established brands out there who sell some good dessert type products but we felt that these could be improved upon. We wanted to make a product that set to a genuine mousse dessert and that captured people's imagination to add their own spin on, i.e.; by adding fruit, mixing with Greek yogurt etc for example. Something people could have a little fun with but as it’s a Genetic product be safe in the knowledge that the nutritional values the Muscle Mousse product delivered would be spot-on".

How and where is Muscle Mousse manufactured? (Laughs) "OK, not wishing to give too much away Muscle Mousse and the Genetic range are manufactured in the UK to our strict specifications".  

When Genetic developed Muscle Mousse, what was the main goal? "Our main Genetic range is very 'user-recovery' focussed and we wanted to continue this theme with the Muscle Mousse product. As I've said, if we can allow a user to recover faster they can get out and do what they do again sooner and harder the next time. Muscle Mousse provides this in a fun and different way to a standard protein shake for example. This was the main goal. Make a delicious genuine Mousse type dessert without the guilt but with all the performance".   "Muscle Mousse is also undergoing HFL laboratory testing to give drug tested professional athletes the security that it contains no banned substances. That's how seriously we take the Muscle Mousse product".

Muscle Mousse Is really marketed as a desert style supplement, is it a good form of protein to have pre & post training as well?   "Muscle Mousse can be enjoyed at any time of the day, for sure. A trainer can look at what Muscle Mousse delivers nutritionally and engineer this in to their own specific food/diet routine. One serving of Muscle Mousse gives 31g protein, 7g BCAAs with low carbs and a pre-biotic formula to ensure healthy gut action. These are fantastic stats and can be tailored to muscle gain, fat loss etc. in a product that can be consumed as and when they like"

Finally what is your favourite flavour and our there any other products you would like to mention that would maybe compliment Muscle Mousse? musclebuildingmeals_highproteinmousse "I must admit to being a Butterscotch fiend! However, this flavour took a LOT of pressure from the Muscle Mousse Twitter fan base to convince me to put it in to production! I just didn't think it would be a winner to be honest but we produced some lab samples and one taste convinced me that we had to run with this. They were right! It's our best selling flavour. Personally I love my Muscle Mousse with Total Greek yogurt and blueberries".   "We're working on some new flavours for the New Year too. Hopefully a banana or banoffe is one for the early part of 2013".   "Other personal favourite products from the Genetic Supplements range? I'd have to say Genetic Sustain pre & during training with our Matrix Recovery product post workout is a fantastic combo".   "I'd just like to thank all the Genetic Supplements & Muscle Mousse fans out there and also our fantastic peer ambassadors who promote us via Twitter, Facebook etc. They do an amazing job for us. Also a big shout to all the Team Genetic athletes and a special mention to IFBB pro Louise Rogers for her support with the Muscle Mousse brand". MM_slider