CSN LABS | Our new service to help support your health and performance!

Over the past few months, we have been working on something we think is pretty epic to help our customers take their health and performance to the next level.

This is our health and performance lab, based right here in Cardiff. We will also be offering some remote consultation services, and we hope to expand a lot of our services nationally over the next 12 months! 

The lab will be run by Dr Paul, a respected nutritionist, physiologist, and performance strategist who has worked with elite athletes across the UK and USA.

The lab will run several services, that will be phased in over time. These services will include:

Body composition testing.

Metabolism testing.

Nutrition analysis and programming.

Maximal Oxygen Uptake (VO2 max) and lactate threshold testing.

Biomarker analysis including blood work and genetic testing.

We have an incredible network of experts that we have at hand to help support you in reaching your goals.

The lab will be launched in two phases…

Phase one: Launching in December will be based in CSN Supplements HQ, Waterside Business Park, Cardiff, CF3 2ET and include the above services except for the Biomarker analysis.

Phase two: Will include blood marker and genetic analysis, this will be in partnership with a clinic based in the centre of Cardiff and will be launching in January 2024!

To celebrate the launch of CSN Labs we are offering 25% off all services at CSN until January!!

What are the services already on offer?!

All our testing comes with a pre-screening video consultation, personalised report, and recommendations.

Body Composition:

We use multi-location ultrasound to assess body composition. This is one of the most accurate ways to assess changes including both muscle mass and body fat. This allows you to track progress, set targets and realistic timelines to reach your goals, which makes it useful for athletes in weight class sports or just those wanting to stay motivated during fat loss by showing changes that aren’t reflected in simple scale weight or other measurement.

Resting Metabolic Rate:

This uses clinically accurate methods to assess how many calories you are using at rest, predict daily energy needs and identify any changes to metabolism that may indicate under-recovery, deep lying metabolic issues and how your body adapts over time to muscle gain and fat loss phases.

Lactate Profiling:

Measuring blood lactate levels during exercise gives us insight into how your body responds to different effort levels. This allows us to clearly define training zones to target the specific systems in the body you wish to improve by identifying strengths, weaknesses and using this to create effective training programs.

Oxygen Uptake and Fuel Usage:

This allows us to test cardiovascular fitness and fuel usage at different levels of exercise intensity. This is often used in conjunction with lactate testing to find training zones. It is also incredibly useful for developing fuelling strategies and measuring how efficient and economically your body uses energy. It is also a useful tool to assess general health and cardiovascular function.

Blood Analysis:

We have created our own performance panel which is the most detailed assessment of health, nutrition, and performance. We also provide tests on requests from a complete testing catalogue that covers everything from genetic testing, organ function, metabolism, sex hormones to nutrient status.

This allows us to check that everything is working correctly, identify areas for improvement through nutrition, training and supplementation and point you in the right direction when it comes to getting any extra support you might need.

Nutrition and Training Analysis:

This includes a detailed consultation and assessment of your nutrition intake and behaviours using food logs and our in-depth consultation process. This is combined with assessment of your general lifestyle, sleep, and training goals to create a program that takes your performance to the next level. This includes a follow-up call to assess progress and make any changes to your program. This is also available as a remote service via video call.

What does it cost?

Individual Services.

Resting Metabolic Rate: £70.00

Body Composition: £60

Lactate Profiling: £100.00

Maximal Oxygen Uptake: £125.00

Blood Analysis: £80.00-300.00*

Nutrition & Training Analysis and Program: £250.00

Packages offers.

The Foundations package (Resting Metabolic Rate + Body Composition): £100.00

The Performance package (Oxygen Uptake + Lactate): £175.00

The Complete package (Performance + Foundations Package): £250.00

The Ultimate package (Complete Package + Nutrition & Training Analysis): £400.00

Bespoke packages are also available on request.

Choose any package and receive 10% off blood work*.

*Price will vary on requirements. A full list of biomarker services that will become available in January is available on request!

We hope you are as excited as we are to be expanding our range of services!!

If you would like to know more, book an appointment, or have a free strategy call, then please contact Dr Paul at paul.rimmer@csnsupps.com with your name, what services you are interested in and any other information you feel might be useful!

About Our Performance Lab Director:
Dr Paul holds a degree in Sports Science, post-graduate degrees in Sport Rehabilitation & Sport Nutrition and a PhD in Biomechanics.

He is a SENr Nutritionist and is the co-founder of Nuvictus where he is the performance director, working with athletes as well as providing education and resources through their community and has written thousands of articles, blogs on all aspects of health and fitness. He is a 'hybrid' athlete, competing in both ultra-endurance events and powerlifting, recently completing a 100km trail ultra-marathon.

Find him on instagram @theperformancestrategist or on his blog www.hybridathleteblog.co.uk