@AskKort Reviews The Latest Version Of Ghost Amino V2

@AskKort Reviews The Latest Version Of Ghost Amino V2

I am sure you can put two and two together and see why I am doing this blog, Ghost lifestyle has released a new and updated version of their Amino!

So I am here to too just go through the differences and see if we are getting an upgrade or not.

I want to breakdown a few different phases

  1. BCAA/ Leucine
  2. EAA
  3. Smart Hydration
  4. Added extras

Personally, when I look at an EAA I look for a few things which I shall cover too

  • Leucine content
  • EAA content
  • Methionine dose
  • Tryptophan does
  • Then Added extras (if there are any)


We are getting 500mg more leucine in version 2, which I like, 2.5g is enough for most, but I personally like 3g just to cover us as at a standpoint, so I am glad there's been an increase here. For those who don't know, leucine is the front runner in stimulating mTOR pathway and kicking off the process so that's why my eyes wander to that first, anything lower than 2.5g then personally I would look elsewhere for my BCAA/EAA product.

EAA content

We are getting over DOUBLE the essential amino acids here, which is fantastic, this takes us to 10grams of amino acids in the formula, which again, is where we want to be when choosing our BCAA/EAA. Essentials make up the other 6 of the 9 EAA's, so without confusing you too much...

There are 9 essentials, 3 of which are BCAA's so the extra 6 is what often gets referred to as the EAA's although technically Bcaa content is also in the mix. So when I say EAA's here, I am referring to the 6 other EAA's outside of the BCAA's.


We have an increase of 275mg to 375mg! Which again is great! Methionine is a weird one, serves a great function in methylation which has a multitude of effects. The reason why I look at that dose is that methionine can taste horrible! So many companies under dose this ingredient in the pursuit of creating a nice tasting product.

Which I can partially understand, I just like to see where the brand positions itself, a normal protein ratio will see 2.5g leucine to 500mg methionine so when taking in an EAA I personally like to see around 200mg+, which is exactly where we are here in this formula at 375mg. Some companies even ditch methionine totally and put in betaine anhydrous to indirectly try and increase levels of Methionine, but that's a topic for another day.


Then I look at Tryptophan - which stays the same and this formula and I can see why, we don't really want too high levels of tryptophan as it is a precursor to serotonin, which can subsequently become melatonin which is our sleep regulator. Many companies ditch tryptophan totally, so that's why I keep an eye on it.

The discussion of whether we would want tryptophan in our EAA is something I can cover in another blog.

The Added Extras

In the first version of Ghost Amino, we had a boatload of extra add ons, for a few reasons I much prefer the Ghost V2 add ons,

  • We have an extra gram of taurine per serving
  • An extra 500mg raw coconut water powder
  • Additional of Astragin which is believed to increase the absorption of leucine by 58%
  • 1g of Aquamin – a 72 trace mineral derived from red marine algae

Whereas the old formula, we had less/none of the above

  • We did have some 5HTP – the precursor to serotonin (which is debatable if we want that especially when it already has Tryptophan in it) &
  • Alpha GPC – which is nice as I won't ever turn my nose up at any alpha GPC, but a 75mg dose will not be giving us the boost we see from a 600-800mg nootropic.

So overall per serving a fantastic upgrade, and an upgrade in flavours too with us now being able to have

  • Mango
  • Blue raspberry
  • and
  • Sour green apple

(with mango being the clear cut winner for myself)

Check out both the original Ghost Amino and Ghost Amino V2