@AskKort Reviews The Guerilla Chemist King of Pumps

The King of Pumps is the newest additions to the Chemix range and is one we have all been waiting for. We know the eyes that are all watching whenever Guerilla Chemist (GC) releases a product and this one does not disappoint.

Let's look at the ingredients...


It kicks itself off with an ingredient we all know and love Citrulline at 6 grams, not citrulline malate which you may be used to seeing that can yield 50% actual Citrulline so 6 grams of Citrulline malate will yield 3grams of what we are after. Citrulline came to light when it was shown to increase levels of Arginine better than Arginine itself! Which kind of makes arginine redundant (I say kind of but it fully makes it redundant) with elevated levels of Arginine, Enos converts Arginine into nitric oxide which then kicks starts the pumps which are so sought after.

Betaine Anhydrous

Next up is Betaine Anhydrous at a very high dose at 5 grams, the benefits we see from Betaine Anhydrous can come from as little as 1.25 grams 2x per day, here is double that at 5 grams. Betaine has a multitude of benefits including, performance and strength but the reason it's in here is for its ability to increase the flow of water into the cells giving us the cell swelling fuller pumps, which will, of course, lead to increased hydration that then, of course, increases sports performance.

Glycerol as GlycerPump

Then we have Glycerol as GlycerPump which is a 65% glycerol (like HydroMax that you may know) at 3 grams but it is treated a little differently as HydroMax can be prone to clumping. We do need to remember that Glycerpump here can't be too high as we do have 3 grams of it in Chemix Pre workout too, I personally like GlycerPump at 3 grams plus so having 6 grams between the two, is a BIG dose. It like betaine serves as an osmolyte so it draws water into the cell but much more potent than betaine. 

The pumps from Glycerol are STRONG, hydration levels are strong which again we do see an increase of performance recorded up past 20%. We do have to remember a 2% drop in hydration can lead to a 20% negative impact on sports performance so anytime we can increase hydration, take it and run lol.

Vaso-Drive AP

Now we have an ingredient that is still quite new I would say in terms of not many people knowing about it, we have seen it before in Mega Pre from Primeval Labs and the new Dedicated Nutrition VasoGrow, its called Vaso-Drive AP.

In short, it inhibits 'ACE' and ACE causes vasoconstriction, which of course we do not want to constrict, we want to dilate and increase blood flow, there are over 30 studies done on the two bonds in here on their ability to increase blood flow.

So at this time in the profile, we have a few things ticked off

Nitric oxide

✅Osmolyte (water based pumps)

No vasoconstriction


Now we deal with an ingredient that is very new and has a very specific way of working that's causing a little stir in the industry (well in the geek groups I'm in) but! There is a time and a place for my personal views on such things, the place is usually my Instagram and the time is always haha, I am just here to explain and give you a little foresight into the ingredients and the formulas here at CSN. ANYWAY.... 'S7' this works in the way it is more of an antioxidant being able to increase nitric oxide that way, studies done showed beneficial increases in nitric oxide in as little as 50mg, in studies they did see an increase of nitric oxide by 230%! which of course is the forefront of the claims coming from this one.

Now like I said, there is a whole discussion to have on this one but I'm here just to provide the insight, not start a pump war lol.

It is worth to note that the standard dose being used for S7 is 50mg, here we have 100mg!

Gymnema Sylvestre STD

We next have Gymnema Sylvestre STD for 75% actives (which I need note that the 75% is the one we are wanting here, many brands skip out and use a lesser form so I'm happy with this)

You may be familiar with it in other supplement products but not in many pump pre-workouts, more used in Glucose Disposal Agents for that very reason, it helps your body store carbs by increases your bodies ability to release insulin, So the pumps from the carbs are one thing but also from the water too! - dose 250mg.


The last one but probably the most unique is a blend called EndoPump. Endopump is actually a combination that GC has created, that includes polyphenols, nitrates, and a unique PDE5 enzyme inhibitor

A worthy note PDE5 enzyme inhibitors are how some erectile dysfunction medication works soooooooooooo...... 

In Endopump we see a multitude of ways of benefiting blood flow, from the nitrates, endothelial relaxation, eNOS, a PDE5 inhibitor, so I am sure this will be one of the driving forces in the efficacy of this product.

And there we have it, King of Pumps! Available in-store and online!

As always any questions then fire them to me over on my Instagram or Cardiff Sports Nutrition's. You can also check out the product here.