@AskKort Reviews Black Magic BZRK

Que a funky line with the word BZRK in it to try to make you interested.

Shall we go find out why this pre-workout is BZRK or rather why this pre-workout that'll make you go BZRK?

BZRK by Black Magic

BZRK by Black Magic is a very, very serious contender for one of the best pre-workouts to hit the U.K (in my opinion that is)

There are two parts to this product and one thing I did notice when taking it, the pumps, were strong, I spoke to Justin at the Supplement Snoop and we agreed, pumps were very strong.

Citrulline Malate (2:1) 7g

As this is Citrulline Malate, it would usually provide 3.5g citrulline that's available but this is a 2:1 ratio so this will provide about 4.6g citrulline, which is going to raise plasma levels of arginine and then combine with eNOS (nitric oxide synthase) to create nitric oxide.

Which is going to increase blood flow, giving us the Pumpsssssssssss.

Now an ingredient that makes me tingle with excitement…

BetaO – beta-alanine and orotic acid

Now you'll be used to seeing beta-alanine and I think we will have all referred to it as 'the one that makes you itch'.

But chances are you will not have heard of orotic acid, its a super cool ingredient with potentials you will have heard of.

It has the potential to increase ATP and increase carnosine, you'll know ATP from how creatine works (although the orotic acid mechanism is different) and carnosine from beta-alanine

With betaO it has beta-alanine with orotic acid so you get to reap the rewards but with MUCH less itching, I say much less, I got very little to none but I know someone somewhere will itch their face and think I'm some kinda liar sell out hahaha.

GlycerPump up next at 2.5g

A version of Glycerol at 65% which has been treated with a patented technology that prevents clumping like some glycerol forms, Glycerol is a potent osmolyte, shown to increase performance, quite drastically.

It also gives water into the cell so gives us a full round pump, of which different to the pumps provided by citrulline/arginine pathway

Betaine anhydrous 2.5g

Another osmolyte that has been shown to increase power, performance and gives us the water pumps.

There was data in a study that seen betaine be efficacious at 1.25g given twice a day (2.5g total) but recently (last 6-12 months) we have seen betaine be pushed and pulled at different doses, as far as 6g, it does have an effect with converting homocysteine into methionine, 2,5g is a good solid dose of betaine and I like it.

Then we have a 'Possessed Matrix' of 1.675mg which is our stim energy blend in it you have


This is the precursor to dopamine, now tyrosine is a great ingredient but it doesn't lead to elevated dopamine levels like we think it does, it doesn't work as a Take X and increase Y. It's more like Take X and when you need to make Y you can. There are some rate-limiting steps in dopamine conversion, namely tyrosine hydroxylase and dopa decarboxylase.


Then we have caffeine, the most overused and underrated nootropic ever. Like how many people intake caffeine and actually know how it works.

It inhibits adenosine receptors, which you'll see an influence in acetylcholine, potentiation in dopamine, an increase of density of GABA receptors and may cause some responsiveness in serotonin receptors.


The big boy, 2-aminoisoheptane, the big lenny, the swinging penis
this is rumored to be dosed at 200mg which in fairness, I would say is the top end you will find of this ingredient, if you can handle 250-300mg then you have serious balls and I would recommend you take some time off stims! This is DMHA the hardest hitting stimulant since its big brother DMAA got banned.

Kola Nut

Kola nut 4:1 is a bit of a curveball as it doesn't explain fully what extract but kola nuts are known for its caffeine/theobromine content so this will add towards the overall caffeine content if that's so. Plus I do really like theobromine.

N-methyl tyramine

N-methyl tyramine, this is a beta 2 agonist that increases cAMP and Nor norepinephrine output and glucagon secretion increase energy and mood.


Hingenamine another beta 2 agonists that can also stimulate bronchial stimulation to increase breathing, it can also have the potential to aid acetylcholine release.

Neuro factor

Neuro factor is a cool ingredient being used and increasing amount impressively claims to increase BDNF by up to 144%! which is great for brain health.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A – is a direct way of boosting levels of acetylcholine, not by being a precursor but by being an acetylcholine esterase inhibitor

and that's BZRK... A great performance pre, power pre strength pre, basically ill break this down to you right now, a full scoop of this and you could do Thanos in and take his gauntlet off him without breaking a sweat.

The taste is fantastic! Cant even knock the taste one little bit.

Check out Black Magic's BZRK here