Are you ready to feel the fizz? Cellucor C4 released new C4 Natural Carbonated

Cellucor has launched new information on a new carbonated beverage that is different from the rest. Cellcor C4 has already released two carbonated beverages in C4 Carbonated and C4 Ultimate Carbonated. With now a third to add to the collection... C4 Natural Carbonated. The difference is that this beverage is naturally sweetened. 

The main focus of the new carbonated drink is that it's based around energy and focus formula instead of the sports performance based drinks. The new formula is perfect for any time of day for a quick pick-me-up or a natural boost for work or study. The 4 main ingredients that are behind this formula is half a gram of Tryosine, 1g of Taurine, 120mg of Caffeine from Coffeeberry and 350g of Cognizin branded citicoline.

C4 have yet to release information on when we can get our hands on this, but they have released three all-natural flavours options including Cherry Lime, Strawberry Coconut and Blueberry Lemonade.

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